Brief Remarks by Ms Low Yen Ling, Parliamentary Secretary for Ministry of Education & Ministry of Trade and Industry, Kids' Lit Quiz National Finals, Saturday, 23 April 2016

Distinguished guests

Ladies and gentlemen

Boys and girls

  • Good morning to all of you!

  • When I first heard about the Kids’ Lit Quiz, I thought that Mr Wayne Mills’ idea of positioning reading as a sport is brilliant.

  • Reading has always been core to our children’s learning and education as it provides access to information.

  • However, with the digital distractions it is tougher to get children to read or pick up a book.

  • So I am pleasantly surprised to see so many young and avid readers here today!

  • It is wonderful to see the National Library Board bringing this initiative to students and the strong support from partners like POSB.

  • I am sure Kids’ Lit Quiz has made reading more fun and rewarding for you. 

  • I am told you had to read as many books as you could over the past few months to prepare for this competition. You had also gone through a few preliminary rounds to compete at the national finals today. Well done, everyone!

  • I hope that you had lots of fun reading and learning. Do keep on reading beyond this competition.

  • All the best for the national finals, and let me quote a line from The Hunger Games, “may the odds be ever in your favour”.

  • Good luck, and have fun! Thank you.