Launch Of NLB Node to Discover Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s Life and Legacy at Civil Service Club’s Changi Cottage

In commemoration of the 100th birth anniversary of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew (LKY100), the National Library Board (NLB) and Civil Service Club (CSC) unveiled a Node at the Changi Cottage where Mr Lee spent a part of his time staying and working in after Singapore’s independence from Malaysia in 1965. From today, everyone who books a stay at the cottage can discover more about Mr Lee’s life and his contributions as one of the Founding Fathers of Singapore. 

Set in the historically significant Changi Cottage at 26 Netheravon Road, where Mr Lee would periodically spend time reflecting and developing plans for Singapore’s future, the Node is a commemoration of Mr Lee’s life and a tribute to his enduring contributions to our nation. Visitors can immerse themselves in the rich history of the 192sqm Cottage, and discover more about Mr Lee’s life and legacy. The Node at the Cottage’s dining hall depicts an artistic black-and-white impression of Mr and Mrs Lee at the Cottage during the declaration of Singapore’s independence, with QR codes to access books on Mr Lee, including autobiographies and biographies. These titles are also available in physical copies for browsing on site.

Guest-of-Honour Minister-in-charge of the Public Service Mr Chan Chun Sing said: “The Cottage holds a significant place in Singapore’s history. It was one of the thinking spaces of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, a place that inspired ideas and important decisions that contributed to Singapore’s success story today. My hope is that those who come through the cottage will also have an opportunity to reflect on the Singapore Story, and our part in it.”

NLB’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Ng Cher Pong, said: “We are glad to collaborate with the Civil Service Club to bring this Node to Changi Cottage. The Node will offer everyone easy access to specially curated resources on the life and work of Mr Lee that has shaped our nation. We will continue to work closely together with our partners and the community to bring more Singapore Stories and resources to all beyond our libraries and archives.” 

Minister Chan also led a tree planting session at the launch of the Node. The two new trees planted will add to the collection of Mr Lee’s favourite trees at the Changi Cottage (please refer to the Annex).


About National Library Board

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About Civil Service Club


Established in 1971, the Civil Service Club (CSC) is the social club for public service officers in ministries and statutory boards. CSC is committed to fostering well-being and camaraderie by the organising of sports and social activities for the public service. CSC also offers recreational and leisure facilities for public service officers and their families to rest and recharge.


CSC operates three distinct clubhouses located in Changi, Bukit Batok and Tessensohn. CSC also manages an array of chalet accommodations in Singapore, ranging from single room suites at Changi, to double-storey colonial bungalows at Changi ll, and Singapore’s first dog-friendly chalet bungalows at Loyang. CSC clubhouses and chalets are open to the public, with a selection of facilities exclusively accessible to members.


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For media enquiries, please contact:

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About Changi Cottage
The 192sqm Changi Cottage was built in 1950 and served as a holiday bungalow for senior members of the Singapore Government from the 1960s to 1980s. 
Today the Changi Cottage is managed by Civil Service Club and is open to the public and public service officers to stay.
The Changi Cottage is under URA conservation guidelines and refurbished to keep with a cosy and clean environment, while maintaining the nostalgia of yesteryears.  
Changi Cottage is one of the most popular chalets in Singapore and frequented by Singaporeans of all walks of life.
Over 74.52% bookings were made in 2022, and 88% bookings were made in 2023 (as at 16 Nov 2023).

About the Node at Changi Cottage
The Node was inspired by quotes from Mr Lee’s biographies and autobiographies.
It showcases an artistic black-and-white impression of Mr and Mrs Lee during the declaration of Singapore’s independence from Malaya.
It presents QR codes for access to articles and videos relating to Singapore’s Separation from Malaya, Mr Lee’s National Day Rally Speeches and eBooks.
The e-books can also be accessed with the NLB Mobile app.
Physical books on Mr Lee, including biographies and autobiographies, are also available for browsing.

About the tree planting ceremony
There are three types of trees which Mr Lee requested to be planted around Changi. They are: 
    • Tembusu (Cyrtophyllum fragrans)
    • Raintree (Samanea saman)
    • Sea Apple (Eugenia grandis or Syzygium grande)
The two new trees planted are the Jelutong (Dyera costulata) and the Madagascar Almond (Terminalia mantaly). They are two of Mr Lee’s favourite trees.
The tree planting will see five of Mr Lee’s favourite trees nestled within the Changi Cottage premises.
The Jelutong tree is a majestic primary rainforest tree that can grow up to 80m tall. Its crown is distinctively tiered when young but becomes more irregular when mature. It provides good shade when it grows to maturity.
Madagascar Almond is a medium-sized tree that is suited for coastal areas. It is extremely popular as an ornamental tree, due to its distinctly formal appearance and neatly tiered structure; it is a favourite amongst landscape designers and architects.