New LearnX website bringing communities to learn together

Singapore, 7 December 2021 – Want to learn how to make a switch in your career or start a business? Have an interest to learn coding? Interested to meet like-minded people to exchange ideas in various areas you want to brush up knowledge on, for a new job you are considering? Now, with a click, you can access many learning possibilities, and chart your personal learning pathway from the National Library Board’s (NLB) new LearnX website (

The LearnX website, part of LAB25 (Libraries and Archives Blueprint 2025), aims to provide a learning marketplace to support individuals to learn. LearnX, where X symbolises a multiplier effect and limitless learning opportunities, combines two Learning Marketplace initiatives – Learning Pathways and LearnX Communities.

Learning Focus Areas
LearnX offers information on programmes, and learning resources organised according to eight key learning focus areas (LFA): Arts, Career and Personal Development, Digital, Wellness, Reading, Science, Singapore, and Sustainability. The spotlight is on three areas – Career and Personal Development, Digital and Sustainability – with the rest progressively released through 2022.  Each LFA features multiple learning pathways curated by our librarians to build lifelong learners. The goal is to help individuals grow into “T-shaped” learners – someone with broad skills across multiple disciplines, and also deep expertise in a particular domain by tapping on NLB’s extensive collections and collaborations with partners. 

Learning Pathways
A learning pathway is a short learning journey curated by our librarians to help users learn a specific topic or theme in a fun and effective way. It will consist of:

  • A playlist of short videos that introduce the learning theme
  • Selected signature NLB programmes, as well as more than 40 taster programmes and deep-dive content series conducted by Nanyang Polytechnic
  • Learning packages that reinforce individual programmes and NLB’s rich content  


LearnX Communities 
To bring out the fun of social learning, LearnX will showcase interest groups and reading clubs under the LFA and form LearnX Communities. NLB will work with groups across public libraries to empower volunteer-led LearnX Communities and support them through funding, publicity, venue sponsorship, and training opportunities for facilitators. These LearnX Communities will also enhance their learning by sharing knowledge and creation with each other. They can tap on the timeless power of libraries as effective social spaces to connect themselves with others with similar learning interests and thus multiplying their learning journeys. Members of the public can simply sign up on LearnX to join or start their own learning community.

“LearnX is our new exciting community initiative which will strongly enhance NLB's offerings on lifelong learning. During the pandemic, many people have spent time learning a new interest area be it for their hobby or work, and we want to help them build on this momentum. LearnX will open up many learning options through pathways and quality resources to encourage everyone to continue to enjoy learning. The X symbolises a multiplier effect that results from the endless learning possibilities available through LearnX, reflecting there is no limit in our quest for knowledge."  said Ms Raneetha Rajaratnam, Director, Programmes and Exhibitions, NLB.

Visit the LearnX website at and look out for content on the topic of Reading and Science to be added in December 2021, Singapore in January 2022, Wellness in February 2022 and Arts in March 2022. More information about the upcoming programmes and learning packages can be found in the annexes.

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