NLB’s review on the Chinese language book, Who Wins (谁赢了)

Singapore, 19 October 2020 - The National Library Board (NLB) has completed its review of the Chinese language book, ‘Who Wins?’ by Wu Xing Hua, in consultation with the Library Consultative Panel (LCP) 1. During this period of review, we temporarily removed all copies of the book from our shelves, in line with our prevailing process.

Taking into consideration public feedback and the views of the LCP, NLB has decided to move the book to the Family and Parenting section located in the Adults’ Collection of our libraries. Parents and guardians can make use of this book to discuss how children can deal with bullying in schools and correct any potential misunderstandings that children may have.

- NLB Spokesperson 


1- The Library Consultative Panel is an independent citizen-based committee comprising members from a cross-section of society. The Panel provides recommendations to NLB on its review of books that members of the public have raised concerns about. As NLB acquires about one million books annually, we rely on patrons’ feedback and the review by the Panel.


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