The Singapore Memory Project Launches SMP@JRL, a New Library of Memories

Release Date : 20 Mar 2014

SMP@JRL is a visual showcase housing memories collected

through the Singapore Memory Project

Singapore, 20 March 2014 – The Singapore Memory Project invites members of the public to its home at Jurong Regional Library (SMP@JRL). Located at level one of the Jurong Regional Library, this is a new and the first physical touch point for visitors to view contributed memories by individuals, partners and organisations to SMP. SMP@JRL was launched by Ms Sim Ann, Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information and Ministry of Education.

SMP@JRL is modelled after a living room.  Its visitors can feel at home while accessing a collection of publications and videos produced by SMP and its partners. Memories can also be explored digitally at the interactive touch-screen memory showcase. Visitors can be inspired to contribute their own stories and memories about Singapore to SMP. SMP is also working closely with the Bicultural Taskforce to encourage more to contribute memories in other languages.

Mr Gene Tan, Director of National Library Board said, “SMP@JRL is the heart and soul of personal stories collected and we hope that this library space can inspire more people to be memory makers and contributors to the Singapore Memory Project. We encourage everyone with a memory of Singapore to contribute their stories to the Singapore Memory Portal. Together our stories make up the multifaceted Singapore story.”

Features of SMP@JRL

Visitors to SMP@JRL can expect an immersive experience, engaging them in the stories and memories that make up Singapore. Some 1500 memories about Singapore are presented in different formats including ebooks, videos, photographs, and each story and memory provides a different facet of our Singapore Story.

A key feature of the hub is the Media Wall which displays fun facts and widgets over the map of Singapore. The wall brings to life unique elements of Singapore and some of the information draws inspiration from contributed tweets that SMP has collected, including old kampongs, popular places of entertainment and favourite playgrounds across the island.

Another section of the hub is The Partners' Showcase which exhibits memory projects completed in collaboration with partners. The first showcase is “Our Memories”, a photo contest organised with ITE College West. A photo montage of 25 shortlisted memories and photos will be displayed. These photos are themed into family and childhood memories, heritage memorabilia and places, and vanishing trades.

At SMP@JRL, new content will be added regularly and the exhibitions will be refreshed. A monthly series of family bonding activities such as scrapbooking, book talks and a sharing session of local recipes are also being planned.