Singapore Memory Project’s irememberSG Fund Awards Another 37 Creative Works Showcasing Memories of Singapore in Diverse Mediums and Languages

All awarded projects will be showcased as part of the celebrations commemorating the nation’s golden jubilee in 2015

Singapore, 13 October 2014 – The Singapore Memory Project’s irememberSG Fund has selected another 37 projects to receive funding for its second cycle of application. This brings the total number of projects awarded to 77. The creative works in diverse mediums and languages will be showcased as part of the celebrations commemorating the nation’s golden jubilee in 2015.

The second cycle received 105 applications with more entries centered on the diverse cultural communities in Singapore, and also more works presented in the vernacular languages and dialects. Some highlights of the works include a book chronicling the history of the Indian performing arts community, the coolies who contributed to Singapore’s nation building and the Pulau Brani residents who resettled into mainland Singapore.

“Response for the second cycle was very encouraging and we are pleased to see an increase in the number of creative works which showcase memories of our nation in vernacular languages and dialects. Many of them have untold stories to share about our culture’s history. The works support the preservation of memories for the next generation,” said Mr. Gene Tan, Director, National Library.

Highlights of entries from the second cycle include:

  • A Bouquet of Memories and Stories by the Indian Fine Arts in Singapore – a coffee table book chronicling the history, evolution and achievements of the local Indian performing arts community.
  • Coolie Currency by Invasions Studio – the project aims to trace the history of Singapore’s coolie migrants and the use of a currency that was unique to them. The currency was primarily used by the coolies in Singapore and some parts of South East Asia and was issued by clan houses and triads as a form of control over the coolies. The final product will be a book in Chinese as well as an exhibition on coolie currency.
  • The Little Red Brick by BricksBen – an exhibition of 50 structures built out of LEGO bricks that are inspired by iconic landmarks, intangible experiences of early Singapore and cultural affairs of the nation. The exhibition is projected to take place during August 2015 in conjunction with the SG50 celebrations.
  • Memories of Pulau Brani by MENDAKI – a book featuring the memories of residents who had lived on the island and their experiences in adjusting to the resettlement from the island to mainland Singapore.
  • On The Road by Sean Lee Puay Yang – a documentary and exhibition that explores the changing landscape of Singapore through the eyes of taxi drivers. The project aims to weave a narrative about their recollections of the nation, how it has changed, and their hopes for the future.
  • Urban Sketchers Singapore: Volume Two by Tia Boon Sim – an exhibition and book featuring the Urban Sketchers of Singapore and their sketches of Singapore and countries that they travel to. The book will record street scenes, heritage, culture and social activities of Singapore.

“Many are unfamiliar with the resettlement of the Pulau Brani residents to mainland Singapore which is an important part of history. The memories and experiences of these residents also play a part in shaping the nation’s collective identity and the irememberSG Fund allows me to share this group’s history with the rest of Singapore – something which I‘m incredibly honoured to do,” said Muhammad Nadjad bin Abdul Rahim, a member of the MENDAKI Club, whose work will focus on documenting the memories of the residents. “The irememberSG fund will support my team in sharing and preserving these stories with the future generation,” he added.

As part of the showcase for the nation’s golden jubilee celebrations in 2015, the public can look forward to short films, photo exhibitions, publications, websites and interactive digital media content such as digital games and animation. Awardees of the irememberSG Fund will receive up to $50,000 for each project in support of these creative initiatives.

A total of 40 projects were awarded funding in the last round. The projects are in the midst of completion and will be showcased as part of Singapore’s golden jubilee celebration before August 2015. All works that have been awarded funding in the second cycle will also be completed before 1 August 2015.