NLB Launches S.U.R.E. to Help You Get Your Facts Right

Release Date : 23 Oct 2013

With greater access to the web, mobile devices and social media, people find it increasingly difficult to navigate the flood of information available to them. To help, the National Library Board of Singapore (NLB) today launched its initiative to promote information literacy skills.

NLB has distilled information literacy into four easy steps using a simple acronym, "S.U.R.E.". S.U.R.E. stands for:

(1)          SOURCE – When reading information,  check if it comes from a reliable source;

(2)         UNDERSTAND - Understand the context of the information, e.g. whether it is fact or opinion;

(3)         RESEARCH - Cross-check with other reliable sources before arriving at a conclusion; and

(4)         EVALUATE – Look at different angles; there are at least two sides to every story.

NLB has been working closely with the Ministry of Education to get students to apply SURE principles when studying a subject. In May, NLB also launched the S.U.R.E Club as an enrichment programme for secondary school students to learn information literacy in interesting ways. There are currently S.U.R.E Clubs in 24 schools.

For the next phase of the S.U.R.E initiative, NLB will go beyond schools, and engage the public in several ways, including:

(1)             Connecting to the digital lifestyle: Lined up for our new SURE website ( and Facebook page ( are bite-sized blog articles, videos, comic strips, infographics and self-paced e-learning courses.   These can be shared with family and friends through social networks.

(2)             Thought leaders: On 14 November 2013, well-known speakers will be sharing more about information literacy. Speakers and guests include notable neuroscientist and author Dr Carl Schoonover, and TV host Steven Chia. They will share their thoughts on how to live in the information age, as well as how they deal with information overload in their professional and personal lives.

(3)             Partnerships: NLB partnered Epigram Books to feature S.U.R.E in two of their best-selling investigative and mystery series, Sherlock Sam and Triple Nine Sleuths. The S.U.R.E. technique will also be featured in Johnny Lau's new comic based on his iconic, home-grown character Mr. Kiasu. Titled “Everything Also Want To Be Sure,” the comic will be exclusively available to participants at S.U.R.E.-related events.

Mrs. Elaine Ng, Chief Executive of the National Library Board, said, “Information literacy is about acquiring the skills to distinguish between fact, fiction and opinion. The S.U.R.E. campaign puts across tips to navigate information in an entertaining way. We want to make sure that everyone enjoys being SURE!”

For more information about S.U.R.E, please visit and