New Singapore Memory Initiatives Following Prime Minister's National Day Rally Speech

Release Date : 05 Sep 2012

Singapore, 5 September 2012 – The Singapore Memory Project (SMP) team will be rolling out three initiatives following Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong's recent National Day Rally speech. Prime Minister emphasized, “(These) memories come together to define the Singapore story for all of us and collectively bind us together to become the soul of the nation”.

“The Singapore Story: My Heart, My Hope, My Home” Exhibition

The 300,000 memories collected so far, and new memory contributions till the end of 2013 will be showcased at an exhibition entitled “The Singapore Story: My Heart, My Hope, My Home” which will be held in 2013. The exhibition aims to unfold the first chapter of the Singapore Story by displaying contributions from the community on significant happenings.

Nominating Parents and Grandparents to Share Memories

SMP is introducing a new service to harvest the wealth of memories from senior citizens who are unable to do so online. Singaporeans can now nominate their parents, grandparents or elderly relatives to share their treasured moments. SMP volunteers will interview and document their memories and upload them on SingaporeMemory.SG web portal.

24 New Memory Collection Points

To offer more convenient choices, memory collection points have also been set up at NLB's 24 public libraries islandwide. SMP invites more Singaporeans to share their experiences of someone special who has touched their hearts, given them hope or made them feel what home means. It also hopes to encourage people from all walks of life to recognise and remember their everyday heroes.

The public can share their memories or submit their nominations via email to or through the SMP's Facebook page (

Mr Gene Tan, Director of the Singapore Memory Project said, “Every individual's memory and story come together to contribute towards the Singapore Story. By opening an avenue for nominations and offering new memory collection points at public libraries, we hope to reach out to even more Singaporeans and make it more accessible for them to share their personal recollections.”