Seven Hundred Years: A History of Singapore


Kwa, Chong Guan, Derek Heng, Peter Borschberg and Tan Tai Yong



Assessments of Singapore's history invariably revolve around Stamford Raffles' arrival in 1819. Before this − we’ve been told – “nothing very much appears to have happened in Singapore”. Pre-1819 Singapore was a sleepy fishing village, little more than the occasional lair of pirates. All this has changed with this landmark publication written by four of Singapore's foremost historians, tracing its history seven hundred years earlier to the end of the 13th century. Written in a compelling and accessible manner, and richly illustrated with more than 200 artefacts, archival materials, photographs, maps and art works, this volume builds upon the foundations of an earlier book, Singapore: A 700-Year History. Extensively rewritten to incorporate ground-breaking research, this new book widens the historical lens and offers a new and vital perspective on the story of Singapore.


National Library Board and Marshall Cavendish Editions


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ISBN: 9789814828109

Paperback, 314 pages

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