One Story: Razi


Sa’eda Buang 



Every day is a painful struggle for Nani, the mother of Razi, a boy with special needs. As Nani finds herself increasingly frustrated by society’s lack of understanding and empathy for Razi’s condition, she is by turns swayed and pressured by her sister’s incessant cajoling to seek help from a traditional Malay healer. Nani keeps the treatment a secret from her husband – out of fear and perhaps guilt. Razi is slowly tamed into obedience. The healer sees it as progress, but is submission into silent acquiescence a cure at all? Razi will make you ponder over the great lengths people would go to and the sacrifices they make for their loved ones. Readers will be tempted to weigh in on the dilemmas that Nani has to grapple with and tread along the emotional rollercoaster of her struggle and guilt. Will we condemn her choices? Or empathise with her challenges?


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ISBN: 9789811820663

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