Our Shared Stories

Our network of libraries connects people to the materials they want to find. Beyond the National Library and the National Archives of Singapore, people can walk into any of the 28 libraries in our network, comprising 25 public libraries owned and operated by NLB, and 3 partner libraries.


Our resources for learning offline and online

We aim to make learning convenient for all, whether they are visiting our facilities or using their device to access our resources.

Visitors to our libraries will have access to our full range of resources, which we aim to deliver by integrating our digital resources with our physical materials and programmes at our facilities.

For those who prefer to browse online, the NLB Mobile app offers a highly popular 24/7 digital library which gives all members, including those based overseas, access to a wide collection of eBooks, eMagazines, eNewspapers, eComics and learning resources such as courses and videos.

We aim to deliver a more personalised and omnichannel experience across multiple channels and devices. To achieve this, we continue to expand our digital content on the NLB website, the NLB Mobile app and our social media channels. These digital platforms have eBooks and audiobooks, digital storytelling sessions, free access to SPH‘s eNewspapers, online talks, programmes and workshops, as well as our learning packages.

Our vast network of libraries and programmes connects many visitors with resources and opportunities to learn, research, and much more.