[Read! Fest 2018] 《免费赠送》故事会

  • Language: 中文
  • Target Audience: Pre-schoolers, Children, Parent - Child, Educators/Parents
  • Category: Arts, Children, Read
Availability: 40
Tue, 3 Jul, 2018, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (GMT+8)

Woodlands Regional Library

Programme Zone

900 South Woodlands Drive

  • Language: 中文
  • Target Audience: Pre-schoolers, Children, Parent - Child, Educators/Parents

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Read! Fest is back for the 5th year running! NLB’s annual literary festival continues to celebrate the joy of reading, this year dedicated to The Pursuit of Happiness. Find your happiness through the many programmes lined up from 22 Jun – 28 Jul.

《免费赠送》故事 Mandarin Interactive Storytelling Session

好心的林先生摘下一篮苹果想送给大家,贴在篮子上的「免费赠送」纸条却不小心飞走了。这一飞,小男孩心虚地以为自己偷了苹果、装苹果的篮子也不翼而飞,林先生的脚踏车更是被人骑走……真是的,乐于分享的人却损失惨重!好心的人到底会不会有好报呢?一张小纸条,阴错阳差串连起一群人的喜怒哀乐,故事的转折简直比电影还精彩! 此极具互动性的故事会除了有绘本导读外,也提供孩子进行角色扮演的机会,以及让亲子能共同完成一份手工活动。
This is a story of generous Mr Schneider who had a basket of apples to give out for free. He wrote a note and left it on top of the basket. However, the wind blew the note away, and the sequence of events that happened thereafter turned out to be both hilarious and unbelievable. Simple yet wonderful, this story teaches us to be kind and generous, in a fun and engaging manner. Interactive elements include role-playing and a hands-on activity at the end of the story.

梁慧瑜是阅芽蒲公英创办人。她是教育部奖学金得主,曾是本地中学华文教师。她积极推广中文阅读,曾受邀参与亚洲少儿读物节、讲华语运动、职总U Care公益活动—开学乐展销会等活动,也到过超过80所本地学府进行故事与阅读活动。她于2016年成立了家庭式阅读配套服务 --阅芽蒲公英,提供优质的童书与精心设计的资源,让家长们可以在家中轻松与孩子进行阅读。
Liang Huiyu is the Founder of the Dandelion Books. She is an educator who  actively promotes reading in local schools and among young families, has conducted workshops in over 80 local schools, and spoken at multiple events both locally and overseas, including the MOE Annual Gifted Education Conference, Asian Festival of Children's Content, Read! Singapore, Speak Mandarin Campaign, Singapore Book Fair and more.

To find out more about Read! Fest 2018, visit www.nationalreadingmovement.sg.

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