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Programmes for Teens

The National Library Board organises a range of programmes for teens with an aim to promote a culture of reading among young people. Through our programmes and activities, we also reach out specifically to students, teachers and schools through our Read@School programme.

Teen Reading Ambassadors are graduates of the Junior Reading Ambassador (JRA) programme.

They reach out to their peers through library programmes to instil a lifelong passion for reading, as well as mentor their younger counterparts (JRAs) in the creation of a vibrant, creative and active reading advocacy movement.

Our Teen Reading Ambassadors take part in the following activities:

- Co-train existing Junior Reading Ambassadors for public performances.
- Take part and be co-trainers for the Junior Reading Ambassadors camp for new Junior Reading Ambassadors
- Join book clubs
- Take part in NLB events as event facilitators
- Pair up with Junior Reading Ambassadors for public performances

Through these activities, they become empowered and grow as individuals. Teens get to perform during public events, and take part in the annual JRA camps, both organised by the National Library Board.

Teen Spaces (VAT)

VAT: A space specially for teens

Jurong Regional Library is the first library in Singapore to offer a dedicated Teens Library service called “Verging All Teens (V.A.T.)”, a library created for teens by teens, to inspire teens.

It was a trial by National Library Board to allow teenagers to design and manage a library space just for themselves. The library services were planned and executed by teen volunteers, guided and mentored by our Librarians.

V.A.T. is envisioned to create a dynamic environment that inspires teens to live their dreams, express themselves and explore opportunities.

Key strategic thrusts of the V.A.T. include creating a sense of ownership, keeping V.A.T. abuzz with energy through programmes created for teens by teens, and forging valued partnerships with organisations that are aligned with the Teens Library’s vision of providing a dynamic environment for teens.

The Teens Library takes up approximately 1,200 square meters of the fourth level, and has a distinct collection of various genres of comics and graphic novels in mainly English and Chinese. The works of popular comic writers e.g. X-men series and Marvel, as well as works by mainstream writers such as Neil Gaiman can be found here.

Single word signs and zoning rationale, for example, Oasis, Coolections, Stage, Multimedia, Earth, derived by the teens, allows areas within the library to be easily identified. Black shelves, different from the rest of the library, have been used to give a unique identity, and a classic and contemporary look to the library.

VAT also features a graffiti wall, where teens were teens were given opportunity to inspire others through their street art.

VAT also features an open mike area, where teen performances are featured on a regular basis.

Teens responsible for the artistic creativity of the wall.

Youth Alive Carnival – Fiesta for Smoke-free Lives

Live band performance at VAT

Learning Communities for Teens: Pseudo Bookclub(JRL)

The Pseudo bookclub is a bookclub for teens, led by teens. Instead of the usual bookclub setting, teens come together to discuss current topics, such as pop culture, movies and games. The bookclub also conducts craft and other activities that are relevant to the topics discussed.

Game On! (SRPL)

Game On! Boardgamers meet up once bi-monthly to play games. With a good collection of boardgames provided by the library, these sessions attract the teens who help themselves to the wide collection of games such as Blokus, Tigris and Carcassonne amongst others. The sessions are facilitated by the Singapore Boardgames Meetup Group members, who are always eager to teach new games to the teens.

Read! Singapore

Read! Singapore encourages Singaporeans to read for leisure. The nationwide initiative recommends selected reads, runs programmes such as writing workshops, meet the author sessions and reaches out to the community to spread the joy of reading in all the four official languages. For more details, visit Read! Singapore's website: http://www.nlb.gov.sg/readsingapore/

Last Updated On 24 May 2022