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1) Membership Registration
1.1 Types of Membership
1.1.1 Basic Membership
1.1.2 Partner Membership
1.1.3 Membership for Foreigners
1.2 Membership Charges
1.3 Modes of Registration
1.4 Membership Card Fee
1.5 Loss of Membership Card
1.6 Updating Your Personal Profile
2) Borrowing Privileges
2.1 Loan Quota
2.2 Renewal
2.3 Reminder Service
2.4 Audio-Visual Materials
3) Fees and Charges
3.1 Overdue Fines
3.2 Lost Items
3.3 Reservations
3.3.1 Repository Used Reference (RUR) Materials
3.4 Modes of Payment
4) Terms and Conditions
4.1 Membership
4.2 AV Materials
4.3 Reminder Service

1) Membership Registration

1.1 Types of Membership

1.1.1 Basic Membership

Singaporeans Document Required
Children (Ages 0 to 6) Patron to provide both
a) Child's Birth Certificate AND
b) One parent's NRIC
Children (Ages 7 to 12) Patron to provide either
a) MOE School Smartcard* OR
b) Child's Birth Certificate; AND
c) One parent's NRIC
Young People (Ages 13 to 14)
Young People (Ages 15 to 20) a) NRIC* OR
b) Singapore Passport OR
c) Singapore Citizenship Certificate
Adult (Ages 21 and above)

* School Smartcard / NRIC is used as Library Card; or membership card fee applies for issue of separate library card

Permanent Residents Document Required
Children (Ages 0 to 6) Patron to provide both
a) Child's Birth Certificate AND
b) One parent's NRIC
Children (Ages 7 to 12) Patron to provide either
a) MOE School Smartcard* OR
b) Birth Certificate AND
c) One parent's NRIC
Young People (Ages 13 to 14)
Young People (Ages 15 to 20) Singapore Blue NRIC*
Adult (Ages 21 and above)

* School Smartcard / Singapore Blue NRIC is used as Library Card; or membership card fee applies for issue of separate library card

1.1.2 Partner Membership

NLB has a special partnership scheme with the People’s Association. This partner membership is currently applicable only to PAssion Card holders. Basic library members with PAssion cards can also upgrade their membership accounts.

To apply, please produce your valid PAssion card with proof of expiry. Expired cards will not be accepted. For more information on this partnership, please refer here.

1.1.3 Membership for Foreigners

Foreigners are eligible for library membership and they must produce with any of the valid documents to register for Foreign Membership.

i) student pass
ii) work permit
iii) employment permit
iv) dependant pass
v) special or visitor’s pass
vi) MOE School SmartCard*
] balance in validity period should
] be 3 months or more at the time of
] registration

*The MOE School Smartcard needs to be produced for foreign students of MOE schools, which include MOE primary and secondary schools, ITE, junior colleges and the Polytechnics. You must be aged below 21, at the point of registration.

1.2 Membership Charges

REGISTRATION Free $10.50^ $10.50^ (payable again upon renewal, if membership has expired for more than 6 months)
FOREIGN MEMBERSHIP ANNUAL FEE N.A. N.A. $42.80 (If you are studying in MOE schools, the annual fee will be waived.)

^If you are studying in MOE schools, the registration fee will be waived when you register at the library with staff assistance.

* Foreigners can choose to register as a Partner Member if they fall under this category. First time registration fee will be waived while annual fee remains chargeable.

1.3 Modes of Registration

Applicants can register for basic and foreign membership via online registration at (for Singpass users only). Renewal service for Foreign Membership is also available online. To find out more on how to sign up online, click here for more information. For any other membership matters, please approach any library staff for assistance.

All library members can sign up for a myLibrary username at using their NRIC/ FIN or Singpass login. To find out more on how to sign up for a myLibrary username, click here for an instruction guide.

Library users will need a myLibrary username to access any of the NLB e-services such as:

  • Check Your Account
  • Access loan history
  • Update Profile
  • Place Reservations
  • Borrow books with the new NLB Mobile app (can be downloaded at Apple App Store or Google Play)`
  • Borrow eBooks
  • Access eResources
  • Register for library events
  • Access the Multimedia stations at the libraries
  • Receive email alerts:
    • on loans (before due-date, overdue)
    • collection of reserved item
    • payment of lost/damage item
    • expiry of Foreign membership (if applicable)

1.4 Membership Card Fee

Applicants under the age of 7 are given free membership cards.

School-going children (Singaporeans and PRs), aged 7-14 years can use their School Smart Card as a membership card to borrow library items after registration. If they wish to have a membership card as well, they need to pay a fee of $1.00 for it.

Applicants aged 15 and above can use their library compliant cards to borrow library items after registration. Below is a list of library compliant cards:

  • NRIC
  • NTUC Link Card
  • SAF11B
  • School Smart Card
  • Singapore Mint Personalised ez-link Card
  • Personal CashCard
  • Singapore Driving Licence
  • Passion Card
  • Pioneer Generation Card
  • Workfare Transport Concession Card

If they wish to have a membership card as well, they need to pay a fee of $1.00 (for those aged 20 and below), or $5.00 (for those aged 21 and above) for it.

1.5 Loss of Membership Card

If you lose your library membership card or any of the library compliant cards (please refer to 1.4) used for library transactions, please inform the library immediately in person or use the “Loss of Card” form to report the loss. If the loss is not reported, any charges incurred on the lost card, such as fines incurred on loans, lost items and reservations, will be charged to you.

NLB only notes the loss in its system. Members have to make a separate report to the issuing organisation of the other above-mentioned cards to register the loss of their cards.

1.6 Updating Your Personal Profile

To update your phone details and/or email address, please use myLibrary account.

For residential address change, notify the library immediately in person if you are a Foreigner or a child 14 years and under. Children should be accompanied by one parent /guardian. Notification by telephone will not be accepted.

For Singaporeans and Permanent Residents, you may only update any change of residential address in your Identity Card (NRIC) at the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) or any of the Neighbourhood Police Posts/Centres. Please refer to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website for more details.

2) Borrowing Privileges

2.1 Loan Quota


(loan period is 21 days)


(including eAudiobooks)
BASIC 16 items 16 items
  • 21 days for books, music scores, ebooks (including eAudiobooks)
  • No renewal for audiovisual materials or magazines
  • Books/music scores must be renewed before or on due date, for one time only.
  • Ebooks can be renewed only during the last three days of the loan period.
FOREIGN 16 items
24 items
PREMIUM PLUS^ 24 items

^New registrations/renewals have ceased. Existing premium plus members can continue to enjoy their borrowing privileges until their subscription expires.
*For the borrowing privileges of ebooks:

  • Ebooks/eAudiobooks are automatically returned by the system, so there are no overdue fines.
  • Renewal is allowed if the item has not been reserved by another member.
  • Members can reserve up to 16 ebook titles. Reservation is free.

2.2 Renewal

Books and music scores can be renewed for free for another 21 days. Magazines and audio visual materials cannot be renewed. You may renew an item if:

    • the item has not been reserved by another member; or
    • the item has not been renewed before.
    • the item is not overdue.

  • Each item can only be renewed once.
  • You can renew an item:
    • via NLB Mobile app;
    • at the borrowing stations at all libraries;
    • via myLibrary account at

2.3 Reminder Service

Library members will automatically receive email reminders:

    • daily reminder emails 5 days before the due date and
    • an email reminder for overdue items 1 and 7 days after the due date has passed.

They can also opt to receive one-time SMS reminders through myLibrary account via or the NLB Mobile app's profile settings page.

This exclusive service reminds you to return borrowed items on time.

2.4 Audio-Visual Materials

  • Library members can borrow DVDs, VCDs, audio books, Video Tapes and CD-ROMs from the public libraries, music CDs and Music Scores are only available at library@esplanade.
  • The AV lending items borrowed are strictly for private home viewing/listening. Duplication, circulation and renting out of the AV items are not allowed.
  • Child members are not allowed to borrow AV items rated as PG and above.

3) Fees and Charges

3.1 Overdue Fines

  • Overdue fines are charged at $0.15 per book/magazine/CD-ROM with accompanying book per day and $0.50 per audio-visual item per day.
  • Items should be returned before midnight (12.00am) for the stated due date, due items returned after midnight (12.00am) will incur overdue charges.
  • Your borrowing privileges will be suspended once charges are incurred in your library account. They will be restored once the outstanding fines are settled.

3.2 Lost items

  • For every item lost/damaged, the member will have to pay the cost of the item lost/damaged, administrative fee of $7.15 per item, and $1.07 for casing of lost/damaged AV materials and attachments.
  • Replacements for lost/damaged items will not be accepted.
  • There will be no refund once payment is made even if the lost item is found later.

3.3 Reservation

  • Members can make reservation for books/magazines/audio-visual materials via myLibrary account using the Online Catalogue or the catalogue stations. A maximum of 16 items can be reserved at any one time for Basic Members and Foreign Members, 24 items for Partner Members and Premium Plus Members.
  • A reservation fee of $1.55 is charged per item and must be paid before or on collection of the reserved item. You will be notified by email accordingly. The reservation fee will still be charged for uncollected items.
  • Your reservation will expire and be removed from the reservation queue if it remains unfulfilled after 180 days. You will be notified by e-mail accordingly. Please inform the library of any change in your contact details.
  • Items set aside for collection at branches on the request of users are also charged the reservation fee of $1.55 per item.
  • Library Members can collect any reserved items at any library (except library@chinatown).
  • Please ensure that you have not exceeded your maximum loan quota before collecting the reserved item.

3.3.1 Repository Used Reference (RUR) Materials

Reservation of Repository Used Reference Materials

  • Repository Used Reference materials are marked in the catalogue with the status 'RUR'. RUR materials are not housed within the library as they comprise older editions and less frequently-used titles from our collections. You may place a reservation for a RUR item to be retrieved for you to consult at Lee Kong Chian Reference Library for 3 weeks only.
  • Reservation fee of $1.55 per item applies.

How to Request for RUR Materials:

  • Place reservation online via the Catalogue at Please ensure your contact details in your library account are updated.

How to Collect Your Requested RUR Materials:

  • You will be notified once the materials are ready.
  • You need to produce the SMS/e-mail and your identification card to collect your materials.
  • Payment of the reservation fee must be made upon collection.


  • Consultation of the materials is restricted to within the library and only for a period of 21 days.
  • The materials cannot be taken out of the library.
  • The materials must be returned at the counter before the library closes each day.

3.4 Modes of Payment

  • Customers can pay online for all library transactions via PayPal/debit/credit card or PayNow QR when logging on to your Online Account. Online payment on NLB Mobile app is available via PayPal/debit/credit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay. You can also use the borrowing stations at all public libraries to pay for transactions via CashCard, ezlink card, NETS or NETS QR.
  • The transactions include:
    • Payment for reserving items;
    • Fines for overdue items;
    • Charges for lost/damaged library items;
    • Fees for replacing lost membership cards;
    • Membership and Registration fees; and
    • Admission fee for programmes

4) Terms and Conditions

Members must comply with the following Terms and Conditions.

4.1 Membership

  • Members shall take care of all library items borrowed to prevent loss or damage.
  • Lost or damaged item charges are payable.
  • Overdue fees are payable for library items that are not returned within the loan period.
  • Members shall be responsible for all library materials borrowed under his/her account.
    • Return them in good condition and promptly by the due date
    • Pay all library fines/fees incurred promptly
    • Not to duplicate, circulate or rent out any of the materials borrowed from the library
  • Membership may be suspended if a member has outstanding fees
  • Members shall observe the patron Code of Conduct when visiting NLB’s libraries or other NLB sites. The Code of Conduct is available at all NLB libraries and also through NLB’s corporate website
  • Membership is not transferable and any unauthorised activities on membership accounts shall be reported to NLB immediately through
  • Data on members collected by NLB shall only be used for the purposes of providing, analysing and developing NLB library and other NLB services to members
  • NLB will check identity cards, passes and other documents and collect the full NRIC/FIN and other identification numbers for membership registration to identify the individual to a high level of fidelity. Applicants who have Singpass can register online and have their identities verified through Singpass and MyInfo.
  • All applicable fees must be paid in full before NLB library membership is activated. Membership registration or other fees are not refundable.
  • Applicants must accept these Terms of Membership in order to complete their membership registration.
  • NLB reserves the right to contact members on any matters regarding their accounts, including reminders on outstanding fees and charges.

4.2 Audio-Visual Materials

  • Members who misuse AV items will have their membership suspended. No refund of membership fee will be made.
  • Members are responsible for taking proper care of AV items and any multiple parts accompanying the items, borrowing and returning them together as a set as indicated on the item.
  • Members are responsible for any damage to or loss of AV items borrowed. You are advised to do a quick check of up to 5 minutes on the quality and condition of the item(s) at the Testing Station before borrowing it/them.

NLB will not be responsible for any virus infection / damage to borrowers' players resulting from the loan of AV items.

4.3 Reminder Service

Conditions for using this service:

  • You will not receive any reminder if:
  • You provide an invalid mobile phone number or email address.
  • Your mobile phone number is not within Singapore mobile coverage.
  • The Reminder Service is an additional benefit to NLB members. Absence of a reminder is not a valid reason for a waiver of fines.

Last Updated On 25 Nov 2021