Rare Collection

The Rare Collection features some of the most valuable and significant materials on Singapore and Southeast Asia, including publications which were issued by the earliest printing presses in Singapore. The collection offers invaluable insights on the early socio-cultural, economic and political development of Singapore and Southeast Asia through its wide range of historical research materials.


The collection is primarily composed of titles published in Singapore, Malaya or the Straits Settlements before 1945, as well as titles published in other countries before 1900 that contain information on Singapore and the region. Highlights of the collection include Jawi manuscripts, Malay and Southeast Asian dictionaries, travel accounts of the Malay Archipelago and Southeast Asia, Chinese classics and romances translated into Baba Malaya, directories, almanacs, academic journals and maps. The oldest title in the collection is is Tabula Asiae XI, which is a map of Southeast Asia printed in 1478 by Arnoldus Buckinck.


Accessing the Rare Collection

Due to preservation considerations, the rare materials are kept under controlled temperature, humidity and light settings at the National Library. Researchers are encouraged to use the surrogate copies (microfilms or digitised copies) of the rare materials. Microfilms are viewable at Level 11 of the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library while the digitised copies are accessible on BookSG. In the event that the physical copy is required for research purposes, permission may be granted on a need basis. Please click here to submit your request to access the Rare Collection.

Featured Collection

Learn about early Singapore and the region through some of our holdings, including:

Raffles Letter

Letter written by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles to his business agent John Taylor of London, dated 9 June 1819.

This letter was written during Raffles' second brief sojourn in Singapore during June 1819.  In this letter back to his business agent John Tayler of London, Raffles displays his optimism and pride in the settlement he founded.

Hikayat Abdullah

The History of Trauayle in the West and East Indies, and Other Countreys Lying Eyther Way, Towardes the Fruitfull and Ryche Moluccaes, published in 1577.


Hikayat Abdullah

Abdullah Abdul Kadir, Munshi, 1796-1854. Hikayat Abdullah.  Lithographed ed. Singapore : Mission Press, 1849.

This autobiography of Munshi Abdullah Abdul Kadir gives an account of the early days of the East India Company settlement of Singapore. Written in Jawi, it is a valuable Asian account of the founding of the British settlement.



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