Lifelong learning begins with the child.

The NLB is committed to cultivating in children a love for learning and a passion for discovery. Incorporating elements of experiential learning, arts, story-telling, and other fun-filled activities, its numerous programmes never fail to stimulate young inquiring minds and incite in them a sense of wonder.

Asian Children's Festival 2000

In the spirit of celebrating children, the NLB co-organised the inaugural Asian Children's Festival (ACF) from 27 November to 3 December 2000, in association with the National Book Development Council of Singapore and the People's Association.

The festival featured events that encouraged critical thinking, creativity and lifelong interest in reading, literary arts and culture. Storytellers, illustrators, authors and book publishers from 20 participating countries congregated in Singapore to share their stories and captivate the audience with their wisdom on children's learning and literature.

The week-long festival consisted of three main events, the Asian Storytelling Carnival, the Asian Children's Writers and Illustrators Conference 2000, and the Asian Children's Expo. The ACF proved to be a great success and the NLB will continue to host this event annually in November.

Programmes For Young People

KIDS Discover@MPCL was launched in conjunction with the opening of the new Marine Parade Community Library. It represents the NLB's latest initiative to attract children to the library by presenting information in a fun, innovative and interactive manner. Based on specific themes of Earth, Water and Sound, KIDS Discover brings learning to life by promoting a proactive, learner-centric environment with activities that persuade the learner to pursue answers to self-generated questions.

The Reading Bear Programme, targeted at primary school students, was launched in schools to encourage lifelong learning. Fun-time@the library was a five-week programme catering to pre-schoolers. Based on a specific theme each week, the classes use songs, art and craft, storytelling and book talk to inculcate a love for reading and learning in children.

The Music Post was first mooted as a value-added service for adults so that they could enjoy listening to music while reading at the library. In view of its popularity, the service was extended to children. Known as Listening Post, the service for children was first introduced at the Sembawang Community Library, where children could listen to songs and stories at each of the stations.

Housed at the Toa Payoh Community Library, the Teens Zone Service was designed and developed for students between 10 to 19 years old. Its focus is on informational materials for school projects and research, covering history, pioneers of Singapore, environmental issues and other topics of interest.