The National Library safeguards the published heritage of Singapore. This is carried out through the deposit of materials published in Singapore under the National Library Board (NLB) Act (Chapter 197, No. 5 of 1995, Part II Section 10).

Known as Legal Deposit, it ensures that Singapore’s published heritage is collected, preserved for posterity and made accessible. It is an important function as it helps to keep knowledge and stories of our culture, our heritage, and our history alive for future generations of Singaporeans.

Recognising that many publishing activities are increasingly moving to digital, the National Library Board Act was updated to include electronic publications under Legal Deposit. From 31 January 2019, one copy of every electronic publication published or produced in Singapore and made available for sale or public distribution in Singapore will be required for deposit with the National Library within four weeks from the date of publication.

For more information about depositing physical publications, please refer to Legal Deposit.

Publications Required under Digital Legal Deposit

Digital materials that are published or produced in Singapore and made available for sale or public distribution in Singapore are required for deposit. These include:

  • Electronic annual reports
  • Electronic books
  • Electronic brochures, leaflets, pamphlets, posters
  • Electronic commemorative publications
  • Electronic conference papers and proceedings
  • Electronic exhibition and gallery catalogues
  • Electronic journals
  • Electronic magazines
  • Electronic maps
  • Electronic music scores
  • Electronic newsletters
  • Electronic newspapers published in tabloid format
  • Electronic yearbooks
  • Films, videos, music

If the publication has both print and electronic format for sale or public distribution, both print (2 copies) and electronic (1 copy) formats of the same publication are required for deposit.

Digital Legal Deposit Exclusions

Materials that do not need to be deposited are as follows:

  • Materials with little or no substantial text (e.g. blank forms, calendars, timetables)
  • Materials of a private or confidential nature (e.g. private email correspondences, legal documents)
  • In-house materials (e.g. training manuals, course notes, minutes of meetings, presentation slides)
  • Incomplete documents or abstracts, summaries, tables of content, annexes, or appendixes without the complete publication
  • Databases or web-based applications
  • Final art of print publications
  • Patents
  • Photographs and pictures
  • Proprietary trade catalogues and trade circulars
  • Unused footage of films or materials for broadcasting purposes

How to Deposit

For electronic publication with an International Standard Book Number (ISBN), International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) or International Standard Music Number (ISMN), publishers are required to log in to Deposit Web to deposit the file.

For electronic publications without an international standard number, publishers are required to complete this deposit form and email the form and the electronic publication(s) to the Legal Deposit Office at with the subject “Digital Legal Deposit”.

Only one copy of the electronic publications is required for deposit. Please ensure that your digital publication is in a single document, does not have any Technological Protection Measures or other technical usage restrictions, and are uncompressed, or using lossless compression.

Digital file formats that are accepted are as followed. Please contact us if you wish to deposit file formats that are not listed in the table below.


Preferred Format

Text-based content




Audio recordings


Video recordings


Access to Digital Publication

Deposited electronic publications are available at Lee Kong Chian Reference Library's designated terminal. Access is limited to one user at a time with no downloading, copying or printing allowed.

The publications can be made available online via BookSG if permission has been granted by the copyright owner.


All intellectual property rights will remain exclusively with the publisher of the digital publication. Deposited digital publications will only be used for non-commercial educational or research purposes at the National Library’s platforms. In the event that a user indicates interest to use copyrighted content, we will refer them to the respective copyright owner.

Contact Details

For more information, please contact the Legal Deposit Office at