Lee Kong Chian Reference Library

Location : Levels 7-13 of the National Library building
Volumes/items : 550,000
Catalogue Branch Code : LKCRL

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About Us

Named after Dr Lee Kong Chian in honour of the Lee Foundation's S$60 million donation, the reference library is the premier resource for works on or about Singapore and the region.

The Lee Kong Chian Reference Library occupies 7 storeys (Levels 7-13) at the National Library Building with a floor area of 14,265 square metres. The start-up collection size exceeds 530,000 print and non-print materials. A full range of services, such as access to electronic databases, document delivery service, reprography, microfilm and audio-visual access are available.

The Library will not only sustain and preserve Singapore's knowledge legacy for future generations but will strive to enrich its collections to enable Singaporeans to move and stay ahead in the knowledge-based economy as well as in their pursuit of life-long learning.


  • Arts Collection
  • Business Collection
  • Chinese Collection
  • Donors' Collection
  • Malay Collection
  • Science and Technology Collection
  • Singapore Collection
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Collection
  • Southeast Asian Collection
  • Tamil Collection

Facilities and Services

  • Reading rooms to consult our collections
  • Multimedia stations to access our online databases and e-resources
  • Reference assistance in searching for information or in accessing our collections
  • Online access to Library's catalogue
  • Self-service photocopiers
  • Wireless internet access
  • Request for items kept in closed-access and offsite storage
  • Reference Point : reference enquiry service via email at ref@nlb.gov.sg

Library Etiquette

The Lee Kong Chian Reference's collections and facilities are primarily meant for users who wish to consult them for purposes of research and personal enrichment. The Library is committed to maintaining a conducive environment for our users to carry out their research.

Library users are requested to observe the following:

  • Any materials and objects that may cause damage to our materials, for example, food, drinks (only plain drinking water is allowed), scissors, knives, highlighter pens, adhesive tape, glue, art supplies such as paint, crayons, charcoals, etc. should be deposited in the lockers. Large bags or bulky items may be requested by the library security guard to be deposited at the lockers.
  • Bags that are not deposited in the lockers will be inspected by the Library's Security Guards before entering and leaving the Library areas.
  • Reference materials are not to be taken out of the Library reading rooms. Any attempt to leave the Library reading rooms with a publication without prior authorization is considered theft. The library user will be handed over to the Police.
  • Theft, defacement, mutilation, misuse or destruction of Library property is prohibited. Users caught doing any of these activities will be handed over to the Police.
  • Library patrons are to be considerate to one another with regard to the use of library materials and properties.
  • Improper use of the multimedia stations is not permitted. This includes viewing or sending offensive images or text, playing computer games and breaking into computer systems. Anyone suspected of hacking into our computer systems will be immediately reported to the Police.
  • Audible conversations, which cause annoyance or disturbance to other Library users, must be avoided.
  • All mobile devices must be turned off or put to the silent mode before entering the Library areas. The use of mobile devices to talk is not permitted in the Library Reading Rooms. Please proceed to the area outside the Reading Room.
  • Any valuable property, especially handbags and laptops, should not be left unattended.
  • Photography or filming in the Library reading rooms is not permitted unless with written permission.
  • Reservation of seats by leaving one's belongings is not permitted. Unattended items left at the seats/table may be moved away by the library officers.
  • Library users are requested not to shift any furniture, sleep or lie on the chairs, tables or floor.
The library is a public place. Let's make it a quiet and pleasant environment for all.

Last Updated On 07 Jan 2022