Sat, 27 Jul 24 Talk

Nutrition for the Deaf Community (Talk 1 - Minerals and Vitamins)


   Woodlands Regional Library - Programme Zone

   10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

   Free Admission

An education talk about the benefits of whole foods for the Deaf Community

Talk 1: Whole food nutrients that are essential for our optimal health, including key considerations for the deaf, hard-of-hearing (HoH) and those living with hearing loss (HL) - 27th Jul Woodlands Regional Library Programme Zone

Talk 2: Physiological and nutritional factors that impact our digestion, and ability to absorb the nutrients in our food and eliminate waste products - 24th Aug Tampines Reigional Library Programme Zone Level 6

Talk 3: Lifestyle and nutritional factors that contribute to energy swings, fatigue, as well as our mood stability and stress response - 21st Sept Jurong Regional Library Programme Zone Level 1 

All talks will be supported by a SgSL interpreter. 


Possible Nutrition helps special needs parents, caregivers and individuals with sensory needs live healthier - one bite at a time! Based on your health goal, we provide personalised lifestyle and nutrition recommendations and targeted implementation guidance that are rooted in physiology and respect your preferences (even those of persons with different needs). 

Our private practice is founded by Sharon Tay, a certified functional nutritionist who is trained in and has helped clients since 2020 with impactful lifestyle habit changes, nutrient-dense eating, digestion and gut health, picky eating support and addressing other chronic challenges. She has also worked directly with clients living with Intellectual Disability, Autism, Down Syndrome, Visual Impairment and other needs, and has been invited to speak at organisations championing the causes of special needs.

Our proprietary POSSIBLE™ approach considers the impact of faith, purpose, key relationships, lifestyle and nutrition on metabolic health, to deliver science-based teaching, action plans and trackable progress.

Sharon is a special needs sibling caregiver, and has been for over 20 years. It was after losing a loved one to a chronic condition that she was inspired to set up Possible Nutrition to help families and communities take better care of themselves. 

Connect with us today if you are ready to start working on your health, or to learn more about how you can be supported. We are here for you!





Woodlands Regional Library - Programme Zone
900 South Woodlands Drive #01-03, Singapore, 730900

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