Butter Studio: when old meets new

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These days, with the popping up of more and more cafés, it is increasingly harder for newer ones to get noticed. But it is not that difficult to miss Butter Studio, a new café that prides itself for its home-baked goods as you walk past Jalan Besar. For one, the shop is splashed with bright yellow paint that instantly grabs your attention. Then, as you walk closer, you get a little more curious what the shop has to offer with its interesting juxtaposition of old-meets-new. It has a modern-looking kitchenette, but at the same time, has on display many items belonging to the last century, like oil lamp and typewriter. (next) Its founder, Shannon Lua, 29 told My Story the space is designed this way because, beyond enjoying the in-house home bakes, she wanted customers to be reminded of the beautiful past and create conversations among themselves. “Many of our customers are able relate to the items and talk about them. Like the old cassette radio, it is all part of a collectively shared memory of our homes. Even if the younger generation is not too familiar with the items, the sharing of memories from someone elder bonds and units the family together. This is the environment we want to create here.” (next) And it is this “interaction” of the ‘old’ and ‘new’ that has attracted the 29-year-old here to Jalan Besar. To her, the new shops here have not managed to sit in well with the older shops, but together bring out the uniqueness of the neighbourhood. (Collected from "My Story" - a MediaCorp initiative to collect Singaporeans' memories of the broadcast media and related experiences as part of national heritage in collaboration with the Singapore Memory Project.)

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