i remember to my Grandpa/Grandma (Unpublished Letters)

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Contributed by: Darren Lim Ming Xuan, (P4G) Rulang Primary School My Grandmothers Dear Po Po/Nai Nai, What I want to say: Thanks for all the love and care you give Thanks for bringing me to the market Especially the concern. I appreciate your care, For bringing me to the market every morning, For caring for me since I was young, For paying for my meals, For bringing me for tuition, For making sure I bathe when I was young, And for protecting me. I will use my time to take care of you. I will love and never forget you in my entire life. Though you may scold me, you also nag and cane me. I will miss all the things you do for me; in fact I am missing them now. I love you Po Po and I hope you would live to 100 years and above. I am missing you. And I am happy as you are still living now, I will never ever forget you. (This story was contributed as part of the 'To My Grandpa/Grandma' project initiated by NLB & the Advisory Panel for Seniors. This project is an inter-generation initiative targeted at grandparents and grandchildren. It aims to encourage the sharing of personal experiences, and to use personal stories, narratives and shared heritage to connect the different generations.)

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