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CHIJ St. Theresa's Convent. I had a peaceful school life. Looking back to my secondary school, I was being trained and given opportunity for leadership roles. I wasn't thankful for the roles as I felt it was a waste of time and weighing on my studies. My parents objected to me spending additional time for leadership activities. But now as I look back, I am thankful for the opportunity of the leadership roles. It was this that makes me grow to be a leader, someone with strong resilience and great responsibility. My form teacher at that time was very supportive and passionate in counselling and supporting me over times when I felt like giving up. I look back now to feel that I must become a passionate and supportive teacher to my pupils who face a lot of stresses and school work and activities compared to my time. The courage rooted down when I met such supportive teacher and from that time on I tell myself that I'll be a good supportive teacher if I become one. I want to be someone who make a different to at least one pupil's life and help him/her through the difficult time.

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