An encounter at my Grandfather’s supermarket

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I have known my grandfather for a very long time. I was very close to him and I visited him and my grandmother every Saturday. Unfortunately he passed away two years ago. Before his demise, he had told me many stories of when he was young and also many stories about my aunts and my mother. Back in the 1978, he owned a supermarket. He even showed me a picture of how the plastic bag looked like. Every week, after school, my mum, uncle and aunts had to help in the supermarket. Whether it was being a cashier or arranging the products in the shelf, he would say that my mother was the fastest. He said that my mother was also very friendly and kind. There was once, my second aunt had a traumatizing experience working as a cashier. One fine day, a man came up to her to exchange some notes with coins. The man seemed kind and friendly. As the next person came to pay from her groceries, she wanted to give the change, however, when she opened the cashier, there was not a single cent left. At first, I thought maybe it was just a mistake; however my grandfather did not think so. In Chinese, we find “black Magic” demonic and very dirty. When he asked my aunt if she could identify the man, she said she could not remember a thing and not only that, she did not feel the guy taking any money out from the cashier. After this incident, he immediately went to tell the others, not to fall for such a thing ever again. He even asked them to wear some religious accessories to prevent them from falling captive as another victim of dark magic. This was one of the many stories my Grandfather told me. Written By: Tan Guang Jun Gina (Mayflower Secondary School/Secondary 1 A)

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