Early School Days And My Achievements

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I studied in River Valley English School in 1978 to 1984 and in Monk’s Hill Secondary in 1985 to 1989. On the first day of school, I felt very excited, curious and interested in the school. I was eager to find out more about the school and to make new friends. When I was in River Valley, my primary school, we had to brush our teeth as a class outside the classroom after recess. The teachers were really strict at that time and many students were afraid of them. I also think that getting strict teachers are not good as they are too fierce. My favourite teacher in secondary school is Mrs Ang as she was kind and nice towards everyone. She had helped me out in my weak points a lot and made me improve a lot too. In primary school, my favourite subject is Mathematics because I was better in it. Ms Kanu was the one who taught me Mathematics. There was once when I score 100 marks for my p6 Mathematics and I was proud of myself and also thankful to my teacher who had taught me well. I still remember how happy I was when I got in the basketball school team and played for my school. My team members and I won a bronze medal in primary school. When I went to secondary school, I continued my CCA as basketball. During the inter-class basketball 1985 for C boys, I won the 2nd place. I also took part in the Sec 1 Boys Team for Cross Country and won the 1st place. There was the Track and Field 4 × 100m Sec 1 boys and I achieved the bronze price. I have friends whom I meet in primary school who are still my friends now and we still keep in touch. They are Xin Shun, De Qiang, Xiu Ling and Hui Ting. They are friends who went on to the same secondary school with me. We played and study together. Now we still meet up often to chat and eat. I really enjoyed those time in during my school life.

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