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Zaid has spent 16 years at Kolam Ayer, since he was born. He has three other siblings. Although he does not really know much about the history of Kolam Ayer, he does have wonderful childhood stories which are a part of his fond memories at Kolam Ayer, and has seen a lot of change in Kolam Ayer. Zaid used to play chess and soccer with his neighbours years ago. However, due to the increasing workload from school, he now seldom interacts with his neighbours, which he finds is a pity. There are many festivals Zaid remembers and looks forward to, for example, Hari Raya Haji, the moon cake festival etc. To him, these festivals will allow him to spend more time with his loved ones. Zaid would participate in the activities and performances organised by Kolam Ayer, and this has left him with a strong sense of belonging to the community of Kolam Ayer. He is actively involved in his community, and takes part in kayaking with other Kolam Ayer residents. He has never thought of leaving Kolam Ayer. Having lived in Kolam Ayer for 16 years, he has witnessed the changes that modernisation has brought about. He talked about the mandarin theatre and his old primary school in the area being demolished and felt sad that they were gone. He also witnessed the channelisation of the Kallang River nearby. Despite the changes, the market has been there since he was born, and he feels that it is an iconic part of Kolam Ayer. In future, he hopes to get a scholarship or diploma in accountancy at Temasek Polytechnic. Written by: Kristen Lim, Josephine Wanandi and Eunice Leong From: Nanyang Girls' High School

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