Marrying at the Age of 13!

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My late grandmother Mdm Wong Soon Yau grew up during the Japanese Occupation. She used to tell me stories about life then, about the atrocities the Japanese committed during those years of occupation. She said people were forced to learn Japanese in school, so when she learnt that I was learning the Japanese language she was not too happy about it. Then I had told her that we cannot blame the present generation for what the previous generation has done. She said during that time young men were arrested and young women were forced to become ‘Comfort Women’. That was why her father (my great grandfather) married her off to my grandfather when she was only 13 years old! And despite that my grandfather was 20 years older than her! It was the only way to prevent her from falling into the hands of the Japanese. She gave birth one year after she was married. Imagine a 13 year old kid looking after a baby! She said life was hard and times were very trying and it was a miracle she made it through all that. She had hoped that nobody would go through that again. Let us hope that such hardships will never ever be repeated again here in Singapore!

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