The Syonan Shimbun

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Librarian Lee Meiyu and archivist Fiona Tan present “The Syonan Shimbun”, an English newspaper published during the Japanese Occupation of Singapore. Together with its Chinese imprint 昭南日报”Zhaonan Ribao”, it was integral to the dissemination of news and information about Japanese rule and culture across Japanese-occupied Malaya. It carried official notices, wartime propaganda and price lists of essential goods. Today, it serves as a historic record of the suffering that people went through during the Japanese Occupation.


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  • Visit the Newspaper SG website, and read the first issue of the Syonan Shimbun. You can view the thumbnail for the first page here.

  • Watch this video from The News Gallery for an analysis of how the Fall of Singapore was reported in the Syonan Shimbun and other newspapers.