Collecting Today for Tomorrow: Documenting COVID-19 in Singapore

The global COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all of us in Singapore. We are working on preserving these stories and experiences for future generations by archiving websites, collecting photographs and ephemera relating to COVID-19. We launched our open call for contributions in May 2020 and many people have generously shared their memories.

We Want Your Contributions

NLB thanks members of the public who have sent in your contributions since the launch of our open call in May 2020. However, we need your help to create a fuller record of our day-to-day experiences. This could be in the form of videos, audio recordings, photographs, flyers, posters, blogs, journals and diaries.

"为明天收藏今天":国家图书馆管理局征集 2019 冠状病毒疾病(COVID-19)防疫抗疫文献资料

Merakam COVID-19 di Singapura

கொவிட்-19 நிகழ்வுகளை ஆவணப்படுத்துதல்

NLB invites you to help us collect or document this important period. These can include videos, audio recordings, photographs, flyers, posters, blogs, journals and diaries. You may either submit materials of which you are the owner or creator, or nominate websites and content. In the case of the latter, NLB will reach out to the owner for permission to add the content to our national collection.

Explore our COVID-19 collections

Documenting Covid19
Contributed by Poh Mee Kian

Daily Life During COVID-19

We hope to document life during this pandemic and what home (in a physical or symbolic sense) means to you in a time of COVID-19:

  • How has your routine changed? – from going to work or school, getting food and groceries, your exercise routine, pursuing your hobbies.
  • How did you spend time at home and stay connected with family and friends?
  • What do celebrations and commemorations look like now – birthdays, anniversaries, school holidays, festivals?
  • Looking around you, what changes have you observed in your neighbourhood, and for life in Singapore in general? How does this make you feel?
  • What are some of the challenges that you have faced, or are facing? How have you overcome these challenges, or how are you currently dealing with them?
  • What are the moments or stories that bring you happiness, hope and encouragement, even during this time of uncertainty?
  • What do you miss, or not miss, about circuit breaker?
  • How has the new normal been for you? What do you most look forward to?

See Contribution Guidelines.

Contributed by Shyamala Thilagaratnam

Everyday Heroes of COVID-19

We want to capture the stories and experiences of those at the frontlines of Singapore’s fight against COVID-19 and those who are working to keep our essential services going. If your life has been touched by an everyday hero, or acts of kindness at this time, we would love to hear your stories as well. Everyday heroes include medical professionals, volunteers, social service professionals, essential service staff, as well as groups and individuals that have helped the community tide over this period.

  • What does your life look like as a frontline or essential worker during this time, and how have you adapted to the changes?
  • What have been some of the most difficult or memorable moments? How does this make you feel?
  • What are the acts of kindness you have experienced, or shown during this time?

See Contribution Guidelines.