Combating Fake News

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These sources will help you discern the reliability of the information that you’re reading.

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    How to be S.U.R.E. before you share

    Learn how to safeguard yourself and others against online falsehoods by using the National Library Board’s S.U.R.E. steps.

    This video is also available in other languages:

    • Mandarin version [new!] - 学习如何运用国家图书馆S.U.R.E四个步骤来确认信息的真假,并帮助您周围的人。
    • Malay version [new!] - Belajar cara-cara melindungi diri anda menentang kepalsuan di talian dengan menggunakan langkah-langkah S.U.R.E. Lembaga Perpustakaan Negara.
    • Tamil version [new!] - தேசிய நூலக வாரியத்தின் S.U.R.E. வழிமுறைகளைப் பின்பற்றி உங்களையும் மற்றவர்களையும் இணையத்தின் போலித்தன்மையிலிருந்து பாதுகாத்துக் கொள்ளுங்கள்.
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    Evaluating Images

    We encounter many images daily – through messaging apps, on social media or various information sources. However, these pictures might not always provide us with the full story. The photographs may be taken from particular angles to convey certain messages, and may have very well been cropped or altered to serve certain agendas. Hence, it is important for us to evaluate images we come across to ascertain if they are credible.


    Fact-Checking Using Multiple Sources


    If you receive any dubious information, you can check the facts using credible sources before you share.

    How To Deal With Dubious Messages


    Bogus stories can be easily spread through SMS and social messaging tools and apps. Before you share, verify the information using the steps in this tip sheet.

    How to Spot Doctored Photographs


    With cameras in our smartphones, it is easy to snap away and take pictures of anything at anytime. However, we can also find image editing apps in our phones to enhance and beautify the image. These edited images may not seem to harm anyone. But unknowingly, doctored images can influence our behaviour and alter our past memories. Download the full infographic to learn how to detect doctored images.

    [How Do You Identify a Hoax Website]


    In the world on vast information on the Internet, it is important to be sure that the website you are reading is not harbouring any false information. Download the full infographic to learn how the 4 ways of S.U.R.E. is applied to identify if a website is a hoax or not.

    To tweet or not to tweet?


    There is no wrong in having a social media account, but you are responsible for what you post or forward, to avoid spreading confusion of panic among your “Friends” and “Followers”. Download the full infogrpahic to see what are some stories that went viral on the Web, through both malicious and good intents.