Meet the SUREvivors

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Introducing the SUREvivors: Source-Finding Sarah, Understanding Upin, Researching Raju and Evaluating Emma! Together, we teach students how to be S.U.R.E. and spot false information.



Hi! I’m Source-Finding Sarah. I have my tablet computer, books and maps to help me examine various sources first before believing them. I always check out where my information comes from before trusting what they say!


I’m Understanding Upin! I always make sure that I know what I’m reading and spend time thinking about whether the information is backed up by evidence (or proof). I often think to myself while reading, “Is this a fact or someone’s point-of-view?”. Sometimes I also wonder about the reasons why someone writes about something.


Hello! I’m Researching Raju. When I do my research, I dig deeper and search for different credible sources to cross-check that my information is correct, just like a detective! My motto is, “Always cross check your information!”.


I’m Evaluating Emma! This is my favourite t-shirt because it has the “scale of justice” and reminds me to weigh all the different sides to a news story. With my handy checklist and clipboard, I make sure to look at all angles before coming to my own opinion!