(Video) Complex Connections: Why do we fall for scams?

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This programme is part of the National Library Board’s S.U.R.E. Celebrates Media and Information Literacy (or M.I.L.) event.

Joel Ong from the Crime, Investigation and Forensic Psychology Branch at the Home Team Behavioural Sciences Centre shares with us a human-centric overview of the potential impacts, vulnerabilities, and range of experiences relating to scams.


To watch the videos featured in this talk, visit:

  1. Uncovering a love scam” by The Straits Times
  2. Confessions Of Tech Support Scammers: How We Justify What We Do” by CNA insider
  3. Your Social Media Posts Are Helping Criminals To Target You” by CNA Insider
  4. A Scam Victim’s Story - Losing $35,000 To A Job Scam In Singapore” by Red Potato Singapore
  5. The everyday love story of Brandon and Ella” by National Crime Prevention Council
  6. Scam Marshal Video” by Friends Against Scams
  7. Michelle teaches Papa Chong to be cautious of phishing scams!” by The Michelle Chong Channel