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Hear from experts, attend workshops, and connect with your community to start your sustainable living journey.

Down to Earth Expert Series

Down to Earth Expert Talks


Down to Earth Expert Series unpacks pertinent sustainability topics and makes them accessible whatever your background.

From demystifying the latest green buzzwords to illuminating the incredible biodiversity we live amongst, join us and grow your knowledge with experts as they give you the break down on all things green.

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Watch the recordings here. 

The Green Economy Series

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The Green Economy Series dives into the world of green jobs and explores the essential skills needed to thrive in the rapidly evolving green economy. Join us as we bring together professionals, educators and advocates who are shaping the green economy, and discover the endless possibilities of green jobs as well as the transformative impact of acquiring green skills.

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Swap & Share


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In this second edition of Swap & Share, NLB Brings you a lineup of pioneers and practitioners in sustainable fashion. From recycling, to styling, to thrifting, hear from them and join likeminded others to swap clothes, share knowledge and lighten your lifestyle! Click here for the latest programme listings. 
Garden Talks by NParks

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Started at Queenstown Public Library, this series of garden talks is a collaboration with National Parks Board (NParks) in promoting green living in the city and sharing of knowledge on home gardening.

Held on a quarterly basis, this programme is specially targeted at seniors who would like to find out more on a variety of gardening topics, such as composting and optimising the environment for plant growth, and more from the passionate Community in Bloom ambassadors.

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Build Your Own Workshop

Build Your Own Workshops

Get ready to get your hands dirty as you learn how to grow your own microgreens, compost, upcycle and more!

Past Workshops: 

  • T-Shirt Upcycling
  • Glass Jar Light
  • Introduction to Microgreens and Herb Care
  • Composting 101

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Green Market

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Green Market is an annual event that celebrates sustainable living and connects the community to green groups and initiatives they can support.

Watch the recordings here. 

Learning Journeys

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If you are an outdoorsy person, then this will be right up your alley.

Nothing beats getting up close to learn how Singapore and various organisations have implemented sustainable solutions. Here you can expect visits to places such as Semakau Island, tree-planting at our parks and even beach clean ups to experience Sustainability in action.

These journeys are open to both adults and seniors.

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Sustainable Chapter

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Be prepared to be inspired. Practitioners, innovators, grandfluencers, ordinary adults and seniors will share how they adopt and practise natural or sustainable living together with our librarian.

This series is specially targeted at seniors who want to more ideas on how they can practise sustainable living by learning through the experience of others.

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The Great Make-Over Project

 The Great Makeover Project

A community co-solutioning initiative which invites participants to propose ways to transform and reinvent spaces to promote sustainable living over a period of engagement. Check out the post-event highlight here.

Watch the recordings here. 

This co-solutioning initiative is supported by CapitaLand Hope Foundation (CHF).