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Ignite a lifelong love of reading in your children!


Reading is a fundamental life skill in children and is significant in their development of literacy skills. Learning to read starts long before a child enters school and parents play an important role in nurturing children’s passion for reading and life-long learning. Make reading a fun activity while fostering that special bond between you and your little one, through this suite of reading programmes offered by the public libraries.

Learn how you can develop the 6 pre-reading skills through the simple 5 Early Practices of Reading, Singing, Playing, Talking and Writing via programmes at the libraries.

Discover Recommended Resources

Early Literacy Practice: Write

Expose your young one to the conventions of writing! Read more about how you can introduce your child to writing through books and fun activities.

Early Literacy Practice: Play

Playing is an important way for children to learn about the world around them. Learn how you can make use of books, props and games to encourage literacy development for your child.

Early Literacy Practice: Talk

How to nurture your babbling baby into a talkative toddler? Learn some tips and activities you can do to shape your child into a confident speaker!

Early Literacy Practice: Sing

Singing is more than nursery rhymes! Learn how to nurture your child's musicality through books, actions and observing what's around them.

Developing Early Literacy Skills at Home (0-12 months)

It’s never too early to start reading to your newborn! Learn some tips on how to choose books for your little ones. Try a simple activity to introduce your baby to the different types of animals and the sounds they make!

Developing Early Literacy Skills at Home (1-3 years old)

Reading can be fun with your little toddler! Learn some tips on choosing suitable books for your child and try out activities that will help them build their letter knowledge and vocabulary.

Developing Early Literacy Skills at Home (4-6 years old)

How can you encourage the love of reading in your pre-schooler? Learn some tips and activities you can do to develop your child into a confident reader!

The World of Picture Books

Video resources to help parents understand more about the different types of picture books.