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Think of learning pathways as appetizers. Get started on your learning journey with curated programmes and content before delving deeper into topics that interest you.

Finding time for regular reading is becoming a challenge. Cultivate the reading habit and be a cognizant reader in this age. For budding storytellers, explore the art and techniques of Storytelling and Writing.

Read Well

When kickstarting a habit, start small. Rekindle your reading with recommended short reads, or start reading stories from our own shores with Singapore literature. Besides what to read, understand how our reading brain works, especially in the age of the internet.

Discover Recommended Resources

TLDR: Short Reads

Get back into reading with these short reads. Or pull these out to tide you over that commute or long wait. From short stories, comics to poetry, we’ve got you covered.

Stories for Adults

Relive the pleasure of being told stories, even as adults. Tune in to these podcasts to discover a myriad of life experiences from over the world, and our own shores. Stories range from the poignant, humorous, bizarre to downright frightening.

Reading in a Digital Age

So many books, so little time. How has the reading brain evolved with the advent of the digital age? This playlist will give you short explainers on how our reading has changed with our devices, and how to cultivate the reading habit in a distracted age.

Introduction to Literature

Literature examines human communication and facilitates critical thinking. Check out this playlist to start your journey in discovering literature.

Singapore Literature

Discover Singapore literature and selected must-reads.

Storytelling and Writing

Stories have been an intuitive form of communication for humans since ancient times. While the way we tell stories have evolved, the fundamental elements of what makes a great story remain. Discover the art of telling and crafting stories here.

Discover Recommended Resources


Humans are biologically wired for stories. Research has shown that the exchange of stories ignites understanding between sharer and listener, and is one of the means which develops empathy between us. There is however, an art to storytelling! Explore this learning package to find out more.

Writing Stories

For budding writers, check out this playlist for tips on writing.