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These are our 3 Learning Pathways:

Think of learning pathways as appetizers. Get started on your learning journey with curated programmes and content before delving deeper into topics that interest you.

We start with Cultivating Appreciation for the Arts. Following that, we will proceed to Learning Skills and Supporting the Creation of Artworks and finally, we end with Participating in the Art Community.

Cultivating Appreciation for the Arts

When it comes to discovering and cultivating appreciation for the Arts, there are so many entry points to do so and yet too many that we might be confused on where to start. But why develop an appreciation for the Arts? Firstly, it helps us to develop our eyes and minds as we encounter what we see in it. It also helps open our mindset by listening to different perspectives and views as well as interpretations. It encourages thoughtful conversation and the understanding that there is more than one approach to everything. Through this pathway you can explore different resources and learn ways to cultivate aesthetic appreciation.

Discover Recommended Resources

How to View Art


The way we view art has changed with the proliferation of cameras, digital screens, duplicates, and photo manipulation. This compilation sheds light on the different ways to view art in this day and age where works can be viewed in settings that are not the artists’ intended.

Art History & the Chronology of Western Art Periods

This compilation examines the broader aspects of visual culture, including the various visual and conceptual outcomes related to an ever-evolving definition of art. Art history encompasses the study of objects created by different cultures around the world and throughout history that convey meaning, importance or serve usefulness primarily through visual representations.

Learn more with the Professionals and Academics in the field

Pro Series: Clay (Clay & Everything Else with Gellyvieve) | library@orchard

Join us for this Zoom talk as artist and maker Genevieve shares about her practice stretching across various disciplines and explore the boundless possibilities of clay.

8 Oct 2022,


Resident: Saori Weaving (Open Studio) | library@orchard

Textile artist Natalia Tan is library@orchard’s artist-in-residence from August 2022 to January 2023! During this residency, she will be exploring the intertwining of narratives with the craft of weaving. Drop by any time during this Open Studio session to say hello, discover her studio, and get a first-hand look at her work processes.

9 Oct 2022,

library@orchard, Imagine That

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Learning Skills and Supporting the Creation of Artworks

Whether you are a beginner who is just getting started or a creative who is exploring a new medium or artform for the first time, knowing exactly where to start can be a challenge. Through this pathway you can explore different resources and learn or hone new skills and medium through the different programmes we have planned.

Discover Recommended Resources

Fabulously Felted

Create your own Fabulously Felted world by following alongside our demonstration videos and patterns! Each Package has its own theme so there is something that will tickle everyone’s fancy, with extra book resources for further reading on the topics. Projects range from beginner to intermediate.

Learning Package: Performing Arts

Get started in the performing arts by taking a leaf out of our recommended resources. Tailored to facilitate self-learning, the articles and videos will support your journey of discovery and exploration of the various performing arts.

Learn more with the Professionals and Academics in the field

Drawing Room | artseen

Join the Drawing Room and create a collective art piece together with all the participants! Project theme and medium changes on a monthly basis.



Fabulously Felted | artseen

Join the Fabulously Felted program and sew projects from felt based on book characters and the things around us!



Pro Series: Zine Design (The Future of Zines) | library@orchard

Zines are back in the limelight again with the recent coverage in mainstream press. The continuing success of the Singapore Art Book Fair shows zines are still alive and kicking in the 21st century. But what is the future of zines? What does its form and mode of production and distribution say about cost, class, causes and its continued relevance as a vehicle for change, personal voice and commitment?

Join speakers CT Lim and Renée Ting as they share their thoughts and views on the future of zines in Singapore.

14 Oct 2022,

library@orchard, Imagine This

Pro Series: Nanyang Art Style (Sculpting From Nature) | library@orchard

The Nanyang art style is Singapore’s very own unique art style. It embodies one of Singapore's most renown traits as a melting pot of Eastern and Western cultures.

In this session, Singaporean sculptor Aileen Toh will be sharing about her sustainable art practice through her upcycled wood sculptures.

15 Oct 2022,

library@orchard, Imagine This

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Participating in the Art Community

A big part of art is active participation in the larger community: seeing others’ works and being seen for yourself. Through this pathway, you can explore our myriad of established programme series and Learning Communities, and participate in them to continue your own curated learning journeys.

Learn More With Fellow Peers and Professionals in the Field

Communities: Zzzink! | library@orchard

Zzzink! is a community of human beings who gather every third Sunday of the month to tinker with zines and the many possible forms of art and narratives. We seek to learn, experiment and grow together in a messily freeing space by creating, sharing and exploring new ground.

18 Sept 2022, 3pm - 5pm

library@orchard, Make

Communities: Zzzink! (Light & Shadow) | library@orchard  

This month we celebrate Deepavali, the festival of lights! As part of the festivities, we will be exploring the use of light in art and zines for this session of Communities: Zzzink!

During the session, participants may create zines with the theme of the month, work on your own zines or simply use the time to connect with like-minded creators.

16 Oct 2022, 3pm - 5pm

library@orchard, Make

Tactile Tales: Weaving with Stories (The Light in the Dark) | library@orchard

In this community artmaking session, library@orchard’s artist-in-residence Natalia Tan will guide participants to explore their personal stories through freestyle weaving.

Participants may also bring their own story-related items to weave into the artwork, or just for storytelling purposes.

23 Oct 2022, 2pm - 4pm

library@orchard, Imagine This & That

Young Musicians Festival

Young music students of private music teachers and schools take to the library@esplanade Open Stage for recitals to members of the public in this showcase of talents in the June and December holidays. This biannual event aims to provide a performance platform for children to develop and hone their craft in front of a live audience.

Check out some of the performances here:

Young Musicians Festival Dec 2021 | Artists Music Studio


library@esplanade Open Stage

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