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It’s no surprise that the desire to live sustainably is growing. Join people who are at different points of their transformation to get inspired, exchange first-hand tips and more.




Community In Bloom
Community In Bloom

Adults, Seniors

We have all heard of the garden city – but what about the library garden?
Give your (green) fingers a break from thumbing through our books and let’s roll up our sleeves for a session of Community Gardening in our very own library’s backyard! Be sure to dress for the occasion, with gardening-ready clothes. Don’t forget to bring along drinking water, mosquito repellent, and a healthy dose of sunblock!

For teens, adults and seniors, conducted in English at Queenstown Public Library.

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The Nature Club
The Nature Book Club

Teens, Adults & Seniors

The Nature Book Club aspires to be an intergenerational book club (for all ages), creating a space for the discussion of ecological narratives.
Collective calamities like the climate crisis - among others - often inflict wounds of ecological grief, hurt and isolation on all of us, and stories provide a language and medium of catharsis and healing for everyone who wishes to join our sessions.

For all ages, conducted monthly in English at Central Public Library.
For more information, visit their page.

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Earth Buddies
Earth Buddies

Adults, Seniors

We can be buddies to Mother Earth to create a cleaner and greener environment for everyone. Join us as we use waste materials to make eco-crafts that are useful and beautiful to give them a second life. We also learn about the different ways that we can be buddies to Mother Earth.

For adults and seniors, conducted in English at Cheng San Public Library.

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