Episode 1: Game Time

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Episode 1: Game Time


In a time before computers and mobile games, how did kids amuse themselves? Auntie Shirley talks about her childhood and the games she used to play.

  • Episode summary

    The gang travels back to a time before smartphones and tablets. In a kampong, the trio try their hands (and feet) at goli, gasing and capteh. They are joined by Auntie Shirley, a 75-year-old cosplayer, who shares her memories and experiences playing kampong games and toys.

  • Recommended Books


    Eye Spy Singapore

    Eye Spy Singapore
    by Pippa Chorley
    Publisher: Marshall Cavendish Children

    Come along with Ling and Kamal on an island-wide adventure as they play their favourite game, Eye Spy Singapore! Learn incredible facts about the Garden City and uncover hidden treasures all across the island.

    Bursting with colourful scenes from around Singapore, this interactive look-and-find book will provide hours of problem-solving, puzzle fun. Children will enjoy exploring the illustrations, picking out and counting the objects, while developing skills in numeracy, reading, matching and identification.

    Source: Synopsis from Marshall Cavendish International


    by Lucy Pou K. H.
    Publisher: L.A.M.P. Learning

    Kassim feels sad when his birthday present, a kite, is lost. When Kassim finds the kite that he lost, it is no longer the same. Can Kassim do anything about it?

    Source: Synopsis from book cover

    Gateway to Old School Games

    Gateway to Old School Games
    by Asiapac Editorial
    Publisher: Asiapac

    Source: Synopsis from book cover

  • Curated Resources

    Blast from the Past
    Favourite Old Pastimes
    Besides kite-fighting, gasing and capteh, people used to go to the beach, watch movies at the cinema and enjoy a day out at Happy World amusement park.

    Off the Record
    A Girl Playing Five Stones, 1950s
    Do you know how many steps it takes to complete a game of five stones?

    Singapore Infopedia
    by Stephanie Ho

    Gasing refers to both the Malay spinning top and the game of top spinning. It was a popular game played in the kampongs of Singapore and Malaysia. Competitive gasing is still played in Malaysia today.

    by Bonny Tan

    A traditional game that requires skills and balance in keeping a feathered shuttlecock in the air for as long as possible by juggling it with the heel of the foot. It is popular among children in Singapore, and also well-known internationally.

    Oral History Interviews

    Oral History Interview with Ronald Benjamin Milne
    Accession Number: 000447

    Mr Ronald Benjamin Milne talks about the games he played during breaks in school. He describes how the different types of games were played. To listen to the interview, head on to reel/disc 63 and 64.

    Oral History Interview with Sew Teng Kwok
    Accession Number: 002209

    Mr Sew Teng Kwok talks about the games children played during the Hungry Ghost Festival and the process of making kites. To listen to the interview, head on to reel/disc 13 and 15.

    Oral History Interviewee: ELENDRUS Osman
    Accession Number: 004172

    Mr Elendrus Osman recalls playing in the graveyard, as well as the traditional games he played such as rounders, mother hen and five stones. To listen to the interview, head on to reel/disc 1.


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