Choose Your Library Adventure

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What's The Big Idea

Choose Your Library Adventure is an interactive video where you go on a virtual quest to learn about public library spaces and services.

(Updated on 8 February 2022)

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The fate of the library is in your hands! Join our mysterious and magical Guide as you embark on a quest to save the library from being closed… FOREVER!

Start your Choose Your Library Adventure here:

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  • Trailer

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    In Choose Your Library Adventure, YOU decide how the story unfolds.

    Watch the Choose Your Library Adventure trailer here:

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  • Learning Checklist

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    Did you catch these library collections and spaces mentioned on the adventure? Watch the video again and choose a different path if you’ve missed any!

    Learning Checklist

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  • Quiz

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    Ready for an adventure? Find out your library superpower now! It might come in handy when it’s time to save the library…

    Click on the thumbnail to take the quiz:


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  • Booklist

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    Not sure which title to start reading? Take this simple quiz to find your next great read!


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