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1.1 Multimedia Stations
1.2 Loan of e-devices
1.3 Digital Services
   1.3.1 Wireless@SG in the libraries
   1.3.2 eReads
   1.3.3 E-databases
   1.3.4 Mobile apps
1.4 Image & Text Reproduction
   1.4.1 Photocopying & Scanning Services
   1.4.2 Microfilm Services

1.1 Multimedia Stations

  • The multimedia stations at the library make use of high speed network to offer information electronically. Multimedia services are available at all public libraries, except for library@chinatown and library@orchard.
  • The multimedia stations are running on a time-based charging mechanism, also known as Usage Time. Usage Time will be sold in blocks of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1.5 hours and 2 hours. As the purchased Usage Time will expire on the day itself, users are advised to purchase the usage block according to their needs.
  • The Usage Time block will be as follows and users can purchase their Usage Time at the multimedia station via PayPal or through the eKiosk (NETS/CashCard/EZ-link).

    Usage Time Block Cost
    15 minutes $0.45
    30 minutes $0.90
    1 hour $1.80
    1.5 hours $2.70
    2 hours $3.60
  • Each new multimedia stations will have a Free Zone (limited to 30 minutes) and a Paid Zone. For Free Zone, you can have free access to NLB’s eResources such as eBooks and eMagazines. However, payment is needed to browse the Internet or printing of documents.
  • Singaporeans and PRs aged 50 and above will still be able to enjoy their one hour of free internet by logging in with their myLibrary ID. After one hour, the library user will be required to purchase Usage Time to continue enjoying the Internet.
  • Users can also print documents from the multimedia stations at a charge of $0.30 per A4 page and $1 per A4 page for articles from NewspaperSG portal. Print-outs are to be collected at the printer located near the multimedia stations. Users need to pay separately for the print jobs as the cost cannot be deducted from the usage time.

1.2 Loan of e-devices

Library members can borrow e-devices from these selected public libraries. These e-devices have been donated by the partners of NLB.

Type of e-devices Public Libraries the e-devices are available at: Loan Period
e-readers Ang Mo Kio Public Library
Geylang East Public Library
Jurong West Public Library
Toa Payoh Public Library
The loan period for the e-devices is 21 days

No renewals and reservations are allowed.

The overdue fines will be 50 cents per day per item for late return after its due date.

To borrow any of the e-devices above:

  • You need to be a registered library member of the National Library Board (NLB).
  • Members below 18 years old must have parental consent.
  • Members should not have any overdue or unpaid library fines at the point of borrowing.
  • Members must sign up for the e-mail reminder service.
  • Members must sign the e-device loan agreement and agree to the terms and conditions of borrowing the e-device.

Registration for the borrowing of the Sony e-reader can be done via contact centre at, or the customer service counter of the libraries, or approach library staff for assistance providing the e-device loan service.

1.3 Digital Services

1.3.1 Wireless@SG in the libraries

All NLB Public Libraries are equipped with Wireless@SG services. Wireless@SG allows consumers to access a variety of applications and services such as mobile messaging, social networking, directory search and location-based services, as well as media-rich and interactive websites and bandwidth-intensive applications like video streaming. Patrons can also access On-site edatabases and NLB eResources via Wireless@SG.

Please click on this link to access the guide on how to set up Wireless@SG. (Wireless@SG in NLB is provided by M1)

1.3.2 eReads

NLB eReads includes digital and audio books, newspapers and magazines. There are titles from various genres and in Singapore’s four official languages. You can access eReads at either the multimedia stations at the libraries or from home via

1.3.3 E-databases

i. NLB Digital Resources and Services

NLB offers a full range of digital and online library and multimedia services to extend your library experience 24 hours by 7 days. It also has up-to-date news on NLB corporate events, promotions and comprehensive information about its libraries. You can access these digital resources and services at either the multimedia stations at libraries or from home via

ii. Resources

Extensive databases are available for research and recreational purposes. They are based on a wide range of subject categories:

  • Arts
  • Business, Finance, Industry
  • Chinese, Malay, Tamil
  • Computers and Information Technology
  • Education
  • Health and Medicine
  • History
  • Language and Literature
  • Law and Government
  • News
  • Philosophy, Psychology and Religion
  • Reference
  • Science and Technology
  • Singapore and Southeast Asia
  • Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Sports, Recreation and Travel

1.3.4 Mobile apps

i. NLB Mobile

NLB Mobile is an NLB app available on iOS and Android mobile devices that provides quick and convenient access to services of the Public Libraries Singapore.

The application allows library patrons to:

  • Set up multiple user profiles for quick access to library transactions
  • Borrow library items by scanning the NLB barcode
  • Check / Renew current Loans
  • Place reservations of library items
  • Receive suggestions on items based on loan history
  • Update your particulars (email address / mobile number)
  • Perform searches against the library catalogue
  • Track search histories
  • View the latest arrivals to the libraries
  • Locate nearby libraries based on their current location
  • Easily obtain library addresses, directions and operating hours
  • View details of events happening at each library

1.4 Image & Text Reproduction

1.4.1 Photocopying & Scanning Services

  • Copying services are provided by the Contractor Vendor for duplication of library materials only. Copying in any format is subject to the Copyright Act (Cap 63, as revised) details of which are found at the Photocopying Room managed by the Contractor Vendor. Photocopying services are only available at the National Library building - at the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library (Levels 7, 8, 9, 11).
  • Self-service photocopying machines are available for library customers at a charge, payable via EZ-Link as stated by the Contractor Vendor, as follows:
    A4 size black & white per page: $0.10
    A3 size black & white per page: $0.20
    A4 size colour per page: $0.60
    A3 size colour per page : $1.20

1.4.2 Microfilm Services

This service provides a collection of archival records of past newspapers processed in a microfilm format for ease of access and longer retention. It is available at Level 11, Lee Kong Chian Reference Library.

The newspapers include:

  • Straits Times
  • Sunday Times
  • LianHe ZaoBao
  • LianHe WanBao
  • Business Times
  • Berita Harian /Berita Minggu
  • Tamil Murasu

Please approach our librarian on duty at Level 11 for more information.

The access to microfilm records is free of charge.

Microfilm printing
A4 size black & white per page: $0.45 
A3 size black & white per page: $0.75

Payment for Microfilm printing is at Level 11 counter using either NETS or EZ-Link.
Please make payment at least 30 minutes before library closing time.

Last Updated On 22 November 2018

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