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1.1 Multimedia Stations
1.2 Digital Services
   1.2.1 Wireless@SG in the libraries
   1.2.2 NLB Mobile app
   1.2.3 Membership and myLibrary ID registration Register for library membership Register for myLibrary ID
   1.2.4 Library accounts and programmes Check your account Register for programmes
   1.2.5 eReads
   1.2.6 eDatabases
1.3 Image & Text Reproduction
   1.3.1 Photocopying & Scanning Services
   1.3.2 Microfilm Services
   1.3.3 Digital Reproduction Services

1.1 Multimedia Stations

Multimedia services are available at all public libraries, except library@chinatown and library@orchard. Each multimedia station offers free access to NLB eResources for 30 minutes and paid access to the Internet and printing services for up to 2 hours.

Free Access

For 30 minutes per session, patrons have free access to NLB eResources such as eDatabases, eBooks and eMagazines. Additionally, Singaporeans and PRs aged 50 and above can enjoy 1 hour of free Internet access by logging in with their myLibrary ID.

Paid Access

To access the Internet, patrons can purchase Usage Time Blocks at these rates:

Usage Time Block Cost
15 minutes $0.45
30 minutes $0.90
60 minutes (1 hour) $1.80
90 minutes (1.5 hours) $2.70
120 minutes (2 hours) $3.60

Usage Time Blocks expire on the day of purchase and unused time will not be refunded. Patrons are advised to purchase Usage Time Blocks according to their needs.

There is a printer located near the multimedia stations. Printing services (non-colour, one-sided) are offered at these rates:

Paper Size Cost
A4 $0.30 per page
A4 articles from NewspaperSG portal $1.00 per page

Printing services are charged separately from Usage Time Blocks, and patrons have to make payment for their print jobs before they can collect their printouts.

1.2 Digital Services

1.2.1 Wireless@SG in the libraries

The Wireless@SG services in our libraries let our users to access the Internet and selected eResources that can only be accessed in libraries, such as local eNewspapers.

You can set up Wireless@SG using the Wireless@SG app (please refer to the guide for details) or the Internet Browser on your mobile device (please refer to the guide for details).

1.2.2 NLB Mobile app

The NLB Mobile app lets you read and learn on the go anytime, anywhere. It lets you:

  • Read eBooks and eAudiobooks online
  • Access current issues of eNewspapers and eMagazines
  • Access eLearning video tutorials
  • Search for and reserve titles in our library catalogue (physical library items and eBooks/eAudiobooks)
  • Check your account and pay outstanding charges with PayPal / credit card

The NLB Mobile app is available on iOS and Android.

1.2.3 Membership and myLibrary ID registration Register for library membership

You can register for library membership with your SingPass online or via the NLB Mobile app.

(Note: this service is available only to Singaporeans and PR SingPass users aged 15 years and above.) Register for myLibrary ID

If you are already a library member, you will require a myLibrary ID (an online User ID) to access our digital services, such as:

  • Using the NLB Mobile app
  • Accessing our digital resources
  • Borrowing eBooks
  • Checking your account online
  • Placing reservations
  • Enabling the receipt of email alerts, e.g. on loans, status of reservations
  • Accessing the Multimedia stations at the libraries

All library members can sign up for myLibrary ID using our account services online or via the NLB Mobile app. You can also use this service to retrieve your user ID or password.

1.2.4 Library accounts and programmes Check your account

Check your account, reserve library items and pay outstanding charges online or via the NLB Mobile app. Register for programmes

You can browse and register for events at our GoLibrary or via the NLB Mobile app.

1.2.5 eReads

Our eReads includes popular digital and audio books, as well as current international and local newspapers and magazines. Access them through the NLB Mobile app or our webpage.

1.2.6 eDatabases

Extensive databases are available for research and recreation. They cover a wide range of subjects:

  • Arts
  • Business, Finance, Industry
  • Chinese, Malay, Tamil
  • Computers and Information Technology
  • Education
  • Health and Medicine
  • History
  • Language and Literature
  • Law and Government
  • News
  • Philosophy, Psychology and Religion
  • Reference
  • Science and Technology
  • Singapore and Southeast Asia
  • Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Sports, Recreation and Travel

Explore what ebooks, databases and eNewspapers and magazines NLB offers here.

1.3 Image & Text Reproduction

1.3.1 Photocopying & Scanning Services

  • Copying services are provided by the Contractor Vendor for duplication of library materials only. Copying in any format is subject to the Copyright Act (Cap 63, as revised) details of which are found at the Photocopying Room managed by the Contractor Vendor. Photocopying services are only available at the National Library building - at the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library (Levels 7, 8, 9, 11).
  • Self-service photocopying machines are available for library customers at a charge, payable via EZ-Link as stated by the Contractor Vendor, as follows:
    A4 size black & white per page: $0.10
    A3 size black & white per page: $0.20
    A4 size colour per page: $0.60
    A3 size colour per page : $1.20

1.3.2 Microfilm Services

This service provides a collection of archival records of past newspapers processed in a microfilm format for ease of access and longer retention. It is available at Level 11, Lee Kong Chian Reference Library.

The newspapers include:

  • The Straits Times
  • Sunday Times
  • LianHe ZaoBao
  • LianHe WanBao
  • Business Times
  • Berita Harian /Berita Minggu
  • Tamil Murasu

Please approach our librarian on duty at Level 11 for more information. The access to microfilm records is free of charge.

The microfilm printing service is available at Level 11 Photocopier Room. Printing charges are as follows:

A4 size black & white per page: $0.45 
A3 size black & white per page: $0.75

Payment for Microfilm printing is at Level 11 counter using NETS or EZ-Link.
Please make payment at least 30 minutes before library closing time.

(New service with effect from 20 February 2019)

1.3.3 Digital Reproduction Services

This service provides for the ordering of digital copies of item(s) from the National Library’s collections.

Items in our collection come from various sources, such as donors and partners, and as such the conditions for reproduction and use can vary.

To acquire a non-exclusive, non-sub licensable, non-transferable right to use and reproduce the images in the National Library’s collections, please send the National Library of Singapore a request at

In your request, please specify the following:

  • Item information, such as title and page number, website link etc.
  • Purpose of use, for example, exhibition, publication, video etc. Please provide as much detail as possible.

Thereafter, we will advise on the permissions, availability of copies, and the credit lines within 3-5 working days.

Digital copies will be provided only upon payment of an amount consisting of an Archival and Administrative Fee. An Archival and Administrative Fee is charged in recognition of the cost of managing and preserving the items and in administering and servicing requests for copies.

Orders for reproduction will be processed when all approvals for reproduction and use have been given and upon receipt of the applicable payment.

The fee is as follows:

ARCHIVAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE FEE (effective as of 20 February 2019)


Unit of Charging



Type 1 - Archival and Administrative Fee for non-commercial use
- Any other use not defined in Type 2 Administrative Fee

Per record



Type 2 - Archival and Administrative Fee for commercial use
- For use in products that generate sales and revenue with the end-beneficiary being private companies/individuals.
- For use within advertisements for private companies/individuals.

Per record



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