National Archives

About National Archives

The National Archives of Singapore (NAS) houses the collective memory of our nation. This memory allows current and future generations of Singaporeans to understand our different cultures, explore our common heritage and appreciate who we are and how we became a nation.

As the official custodian of the corporate memory of the government, NAS manages public records and provides advice to government agencies on records management. From government files, private records, historical maps and photographs to oral history interviews and audio-visual materials, NAS is responsible for the collection, preservation and management of Singapore's public and private archival records, some of which date back to the early 19th century.

NAS’ repository of archival materials makes it an important research centre for those in search of information about the country's history. NAS also promotes public interest in our nation's history and heritage through its reading room, online resources, publications, programmes and exhibitions as well as a permanent gallery which showcases the memories of life during the Japanese Occupation. This permanent gallery is located within a National Monument, which was developed by NAS as a World War II interpretative centre at Upper Bukit Timah Road, called the Former Ford Factory.

Last Updated On 24 May 2022