plastics R2

Know your plastics: What the code means

The number (or code) on the bottom of plastic cups, bottles and containers informs consumers about usage and safety of plastic products or containers….

cool facts R2

Facts that cool

‘Whatever hysteria exists is inflamed by mystery, suspicion and secrecy. Hard and exact facts will cool it.’ -Elia Kazan- When faced with a confusing…

chicken skin R2

Is chicken skin bad for health?

Do you find yourself removing chicken skin while eating that tasty and savoury chicken rice from your favourite chicken rice stall? Well, there is…




Quirky statistics, weird data and the best tips to do research presented in colourful infographics! Find out how to be S.U.R.E. about information by…


About S.U.R.E. campaign

Find out more about S.U.R.E. campaign and the folks behind it in this infographic! Click image to enlarge Contact us! F: T:…


Kisau Event

Book Launch: The Return of Mr Kiasu

After a leave of absence of over a decade, the well-loved Mr Kiasu will return to make S.U.R.E. his name will be on everybody’s…


Mr Kiasu Comic Caption Contest

Mr Kiasu, one of Singapore’s most iconic comic characters, is making a comeback after more than a decade!  The newest book – Mr Kiasu,…

library dress-up1

Library Dress-up

The Library Dress-up will take place in all NLB libraries from 21 October onwards. Look out for these S.U.R.E. cool posters in libraries    …