JT_Bird Nest (alternative to INK image)-NTS r2

Understanding the basics of bird’s nest

I’ve never really understood why bird’s nest, described by some as the “Caviar of the East,” is such a prized commodity in Singapore. The…

Coffee-NI r2

Instant vs Ground Coffee

A few weeks ago, I was going home from school with a good friend. At some point during our bus trip, our conversation shifted…


How to be SURE comic guide 1

How to be S.U.R.E.
(comics guide)

We live in a world where we are constantly exposed to information. That’s why it is essential to be S.U.R.E.   Ever had an…



Quirky statistics, weird data and the best tips to do research presented in colourful infographics! Find out how to be S.U.R.E. about information by…


Kisau Event

Book Launch: The Return of Mr Kiasu

After a leave of absence of over a decade, the well-loved Mr Kiasu will return to make S.U.R.E. his name will be on everybody’s…


Mr Kiasu Comic Caption Contest

Mr Kiasu, one of Singapore’s most iconic comic characters, is making a comeback after more than a decade!  The newest book – Mr Kiasu,…