extraterrestrial r2

Extraterrestrial Life

‘Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us’ -…

selfie r2

Taking Selfies: What it really means

According to BBC News, Selfies – pictures people take of themselves – have been one of the most significant phenomena in 2013. “Selfie” was…



About S.U.R.E. campaign

Find out more about S.U.R.E. campaign and the folks behind it in this infographic! Click image to enlarge Contact us! F: T:…


Cheat Sheets for Teachers

Containing bite-sized information on selected topics that are based on upper primary to secondary school syllabus, Cheat Sheets are designed as a teaching tool…


Kisau Event

Book Launch: The Return of Mr Kiasu

After a leave of absence of over a decade, the well-loved Mr Kiasu will return to make S.U.R.E. his name will be on everybody’s…


Mr Kiasu Comic Caption Contest

Mr Kiasu, one of Singapore’s most iconic comic characters, is making a comeback after more than a decade!  The newest book – Mr Kiasu,…

library dress-up1

Library Dress-up

The Library Dress-up will take place in all NLB libraries from 21 October onwards. Look out for these S.U.R.E. cool posters in libraries    …