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BIBFRAME update forum at ALA June 2014

BIBFRAME update forum at ALA June 2014 – 5 Minutes Reading

The recorded video of the update session is now available at:

1. Library of Congress website:

2. YouTube:

TITLE: Bibliographic Framework Initiative (BIBFRAME) Update Forum, June 2014

SPEAKER: Beacher J.E. Wiggins, Sally Hart McCallum, Kevin Ford, Phil E. Schreur, Andrea Leigh
EVENT DATE: 2014/06/29
RUNNING TIME: 78 minutes
TRANSCRIPT: View Transcript (link will open in a new window)

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Highlight of BIBFRAME update forum June 2014 (1)

Mr Kevin Ford tells the story of BIBFRAME: Why and How in this 8 minutes video clip:


I wanted to begin with a very, very quick recap of where, what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and what we hope to achieve with the BIBFRAME initiative in general and wanted scenarios to reimagine the entire bibliographical and eco system for a post-MARC world. If we were to look at our systems now it looks a little bit like this in a very rough schematic drawing. You have your OPAC, you have your ILS database, you have our OPAC, you might have a Z39.50 service sitting on top of that, you might have an SRU service sitting on top of that. There is a separate cataloging interface, the cataloging interface, of course, is what the cataloger works with. A developer works with Z39.50 and SRU. A patron has to go to your OPAC, and the patron understands your OPAC mostly, but when a machine goes to your OPAC it basically gets nothing out of it. The data is not described very well, the text is unclear. Semantically what a machine sees, and by machine I mean Google and Yahoo and the search engines, is a bunch of nothing. And so one of the things we hope to do with BIBFRAME in the long term is greatly simplify this scenario. There will always be a database of some kind or another in the

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