Role of Boards in Managing Risks

Introduction In an increasingly vulnerable economic and social landscape, non-profit organisations (NPOs) and Volunteer Welfare Organisations (VWOs) are now playing a greater role in plugging social gaps, addressing social problems and meeting the needs of the under-served customer segments. Because of the trust that are placed on NPOs and VWOs, their Boards are expected to… Read more »

Teen Violence

Introduction Teen violence refers to the deviant behaviour of youths (in the adolescent age group between 13 and 21 years old) intended to cause harm to others such as their peers from school or people from their neighbourhoods. Violent acts may involve fighting, use of weapons (for example, guns and knives) and bullying. The resulting… Read more »

Gaming Addiction

Introduction Gaming addiction comprises of computer game addiction, Internet or online game addiction and video game addiction. Computer game addiction generally refers to an excessive and unhealthy amount of playing computer games. The addicted gamer often isolates himself from others and ignores more important responsibilities. He uses most of his free time for gaming, regularly… Read more »

Open Innovation

Introduction Open innovation is the crowdsourcing of knowledge and resources from external sources to drive internal innovation. This concept was developed by Henry Chesbrough, a professor at the University of Berkeley’s Haas Business School, in 2003. Since then, many organisations such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Unilever, Samsung and JTC Corporation, have… Read more »

Contemporary China

Introduction 1978 marks the launch of economic reforms for China when veteran statesman Deng Xiaoping assumed leadership of the Chinese Communist Party and introduced a new economic development strategy aimed at rebuilding China’s ailing economy and society. The new Chinese government led by Deng Xiaoping adopted an open-door policy and encouraged foreign trade and investment… Read more »

Leong Yoon Pin 梁荣平

Introduction Leong Yoon Pin 梁荣平 (b. 5 August 1932, Singapore–d. 13 April 2011, Singapore) was a composer, conductor and educator. Described as the doyen of Singapore composers, Leong was well-known for his choral compositions, many of which were locally commissioned and performed by both amateur and professional choirs. His compositions were often infused with a… Read more »


Introduction Humanitarianism is defined as the act of improving the welfare and happiness of people in relation to saving lives and alleviating the suffering of people who have been caught in or displaced by man-made and natural disasters and warfare.  It also involves helping communities to prevent and/ or to make vigorous preparations for potential… Read more »

Role of boards in setting executive director’s compensation

Introduction Board members are the fiduciaries who steer the organisation towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical and legal governance and financial management policies as well as by making sure the organisation has adequate resources to advance its mission. The director/executive compensation environment continues to evolve and the benchmarked best practices continue to change. Besides… Read more »

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    1 – 介绍 作为一门大学先修班的人文科目,《中国通识》课程旨在培养一批对当代中国的发展有概括性认识、并具备批判性思维的学生。通过讨论与分析相关的课题,学生将掌握独立思考和批判思维的技能,并探索中国未来的发展方向及其对世界的影响。中国课题的研究将融合经济学、政治学、社会学和国际关系学等不同层面的知识,让学生能全面地、系统地理清中国发展背后的不同因素和问题。   2 – 外交主题参考资料 经过三十多年的改革开放,中国正逐渐成为世界强国。今天中国所面临的地缘政治和国际形势,要求中国既要“走出去”,在国际舞台上维护国家利益,同时也要承担起作为大国的国际责任。在复杂多变的国际形势下,中国的外交面临着新的机遇和挑战。 以下资料帮助读者研究影响中国外交政策的各种因素ˎ 中国对外关系的立场ˎ 中国成为世界大国及其影响以及中国能否有效推行其外交政策等课题。   书目   书名 全球政治与安全报告 = Reports on international politics and security 著者 中国社会科学院世界经济与政治研究所集体 编写 出版 北京 : 社会科学文献出版社, 2013 索书号 R 327.1 RIPS     书名 亚洲的多边主义 = Asia’s multilateralism 著者 张贵洪、斯瓦兰·辛格 主编 出版 北京市 : 时事出版社, 2012 索书号 R 327.5 ASI… Read more »

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    1 – 介绍 中国期刊全文数据库 (China Journal Full-Text Database) 读者可以在新加坡国家图书馆和公共图书馆内通过图书馆的多媒体电脑使用万方数据的《中国数字化期刊全文数据库》检索相关电子期刊文章。 该电子期刊数据库涵盖的学科包括人文科学、社会科学、基础科学、经济财经、医药卫生、农业科学、工业技术等领域。   商业新闻信息库 ( 道琼斯和路透社共同拥有的商业新闻信息库 提供世界级的全球新闻和商业信息。其中中文内容来源于中国大陆,香港,台湾,马来西亚,新加坡等地的100多种中文报纸及行业必读公司报告, 如读者可以检索从1999年1月20日以来的新加坡的《联合早报》文章和2007年3月5日以来的《联合晚报》文章。   数据库使用操作步骤: i. 使用位于国家图书馆和遍布全岛的公共图书馆内的多媒体电脑(Multimedia Stations) ii. 通过图书馆的e-Kiosk自助机申请数字图书馆的用户名和密码: 选择More Services > “Sign up for myLibrary” > “Prepaid Account”, 储钱进你的个人预付帐户(“Prepaid Account”),这是因为使用图书馆的多媒体电脑 是收费的,每分钟$0.03元, 即3分/分钟。 iii. 如何找到“中国数字化期刊全文数据库”和 进入网站: 选择 Research 选择 eDatabases 选择By A-Z 选择 Other Languages -> 找到“中国数字化期刊全文数据库” 或点击F -> 找… Read more »

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    sports injuries

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    Introduction Sports injuries are injuries that are sustained as a direct result of engaging in sports activities or exercises. There are many causes of sports injuries. For instance, improper workout techniques, lack of physical conditioning, wrong usage of sports equipment, ill-fitting sports equipment, not wearing safety equipment, accidents, overtraining or insufficient warm up and stretching…. Read more »

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    1 – 介绍  作为一门大学先修班的人文科目,《中国通识》课程旨在培养一批对当代中国的发展有概括 性认识、并具备批判性思维的学生。通过讨论与分析相关的课题,学生将掌握独立思考和批判思维的技能,并探索中国未来的发展方向及其对世界的影响。中国课题的研究将融合经济学、政治学、社会学和国际关系学等不同层面的知识,让学生能全面地、系统地理清中国发展背后的不同因素和问题。   2 – "农村发展"参考资料 中国是一个农业大国,农村人口有9亿,占全国人口70%;农业人口达7亿人,占产业总人口的50.1%。“三农”问题即农业、农村、农民这三个问题关系到国民素质、经济发展和社会稳定、国家富强, 这是中国政府当前要解决的大事。   书目   书名 中国农村发展硏究报告. No. 4 = China’s rural development report, no.4 著者 中国社会科学院农村发展硏究所 出版 北京 : 社会科学文献出版社, 2004. 索书号 RBUS 338.10951 CHI     书名 “三农论” : 当代中国农业, 农村, 农民研究 著者 陆学艺著 出版 北京 : 社会科学文献出版社, 2002. 索书号 RBUS 338.10951 LXY  … Read more »

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    Singapore’s Public Housing

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    Introduction Singapore is hailed as having achieved unparalleled success in providing low-cost affordable public housing for the masses; and is admired the world over for its town planning and urban management policies. Through them, Singapore transformed its housing landscape from one of slums and squatters into a well-planned distribution of residential townships throughout the island state. The… Read more »