Jeyamohan is a noted Tamil and Malayalam writer and literary critic from Nagercoil in the southern Indian State of Tamil Nadu.

Considered a brilliant entrant to the world of Tamil literature in the 1990s, Jeyamohan has had one of the biggest impacts on the Tamil literary landscape as it emerged out of the post-modern phase. His writing is heavily influenced by the works of humanitarian thinkers Leo Tolstoy and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Drawing on the strength of his life experiences and extensive travel around India, Jeyamohan is able to re-examine and interpret the essence of India’s rich literary and classical traditions.

Since 1994, Jeyamohan has conducted literary meet ups and writers’ conclaves in various cities that have enabled sophisticated discussions and exchanges of ideas between Tamil and Malayalam literary spheres. In 2009, his readership circle set up the Vishnupuram Ilakkiya Vatta (Vishnupuram Literary Circle) to develop the level of serious literary awareness in Tamilnadu, and to shine light on under-recognized pioneers of modern Tamil literature.

Jeyamohan’s prolific output includes nine novels, ten volumes of short-stories/plays, thirteen literary criticisms, five biographies of writers, six introductions to Indian and Western literature, three volumes on Hindu and Christian philosophy and numerous other translations and collections. He has also collaborated on screenwriting for one Malayalam and three Tamil movies.

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