Sharing Session 2018

kidsREAD held the Volunteer Sharing Session on 20 June 2018 at the National Library Building with approximately 46 volunteers present. Before the session, the volunteers mingled over a dinner buffet which the volunteers enjoyed thoroughly. The agenda for the Sharing Session was to inform volunteers of the new Volunteer Resource Guidebook (VRG) and the new activities, as well as to gather feedback on the recent additional resources provided. There was also a sharing session on one of the activities in the resource book, Show Me a Story: 40 Craft Projects and Activities to Spark Children’s Storytelling that was given to all kidsREAD volunteers.

kidsREAD team shared about the various type of activities introduced in the new curriculum. Volunteers were then invited to share their thoughts regarding the curriculum activities, VRG and the kidsREAD Postcards. As these were newly introduced, the kidsREAD team wanted to ensure that these additions were beneficial to the clubs.

The second half of the sharing session saw the kidsREAD team introducing the ‘Story Grab Bag’ activity, taken from Show Me a Story book, to facilitate storytelling. The volunteers then tried it out by creating their own story using the printouts provided. They had a lot of fun creating their own stories and some of the volunteers came up to share their stories with the rest. Many interesting stories emerged, giving everyone a good time!

The Volunteer Sharing Session was greatly beneficial to both the kidsREAD team and the volunteers. We look forward to seeing more volunteers next year!

“We have used the Story Grab Bag for today’s kidsREAD session. The students enjoyed the funny stories that they made at the end!”

“We were glad and had enjoyed our time by attending this event! :)”

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