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Programme Details
Date: Friday Sep 21, 2012
Time: 04:30 PM - 06:30 PM
Venue: Auditorium in Woodlands Regional Library
Lang: English
Note: No registration is required.





Papuan Folksongs by Iyakoko Patea Choir
Iyakoko Patea Choir comes from Timika, Papua province of Indonesia. Located at the easternmost part of Indonesia’s archipelago, the choir wishes to become Papuan cultural ambassadors by presenting Papuan folksongs along with traditional music and dance to the world.
In the local dialect, Iyakoko Patea means golden voice. Iyakoko Patea Choir has successfully managed to grow through the years in terms of singing quality and fellowship. The member of the choir comprises employees, housewives, youths and various religions and educational background.
So far Iyakoko Patea has performed in many events and had award-winning performances in Papua and Jakarta, Indonesia. Currently the choir wishes to introduce to people in Singapore a rare glimpse of the diverse Papuan cultures, offering a unique opportunity to bring world's attention to the relatively unknown region of Papua, Indonesia.
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