Here are some of our DIY reading resources to foster the love of reading at home and in school!

Reading Interest Profile 

Lower Primary

Upper Primary


The Parents’ Welcome Kit is a guide for parents showcasing the different services that NLB has for children.

Raising Readers provides information on how parents can instill a love of reading in their children. Topics covered include:

• Identifying what type of reader your child is
• Choosing a book for your child
• Introduction to a variety of reading materials
• NLB eResources
• Reading at Primary One

School Library Makeover

Liven up your school library with funky posters, an interesting new book display or conduct a Book Hunt. NEW!

(for Lower Primary)

(for Upper Primary)

School Library Makeover Resource Kit


Read Swap Share
Suitable for P1 – P6 students
In this activity, students swap and share books with one another, prompting interesting book-related conversations.

RSS Facilitator’s Guide

RSS Slides
RSS Worksheet
Primary 1 to 2 (Basic)

RSS Worksheet
Primary 3 to 4 (Advanced)

RSS Worksheet
Primary 5 to 6 (Non-Fiction)

Read Reap Write 
Students explore how stories relate to the world around them through a series of engaging discussions and activities. By reading and reflecting on thought-provoking extracts from great books, students will be encouraged to think critically and draw parallels between what is described in the extracts and their real-life experiences.

P3 – P4

Title: Cakes in Space
Author: Phillip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre
Call Number: JS REE

RRW Primary Cakes in Space Worksheet and Extract
RRW Primary Cakes in Space Facilitator’s Guide




Title:  The Mystery of the Missing Everything 
Author: Ben H. Winters
Call Number: J WIN

RRW Primary The Mystery of the Missing Everything Worksheet and Extract
RRW Primary The Mystery of the Missing Everything Facilitator’s Guide 




P5 – P6

Title: Fish in a Tree
Author: Lynda Mullaly Hunt
Call Number: J HUN

RRW Primary Fish in a Tree Worksheet and Extract
RRW Primary Fish in a Tree Facilitator’s Guide
RRW Primary Fish in a Tree Powerpoint Slides



Title: Saving Thanehaven 
Author: Catherine Jinks
Call Number: J JIN

RRW Primary Saving Thanehaven Worksheet and Extract
RRW Primary Saving Thanehaven Facilitator’s Guide