Dragon Run
Author: Patrick Matthews
Call No.: J MAT

The title, Dragon Run, caught my attention as it made me wonder who would be brave enough to slay a dragon.  This book belongs to the fantasy-adventure genre.

The dragon slayer is only a 12-year-old boy named Al. There are five mortal races which the dragons created to gather magic.  Since then, dragons have ruled the world, branding mortals according to their worth, shaping their societies, even training a lucky few to handle magic themselves.

Al is my favourite character because I think he is cool and brave. The cover also attracted most of my attention because of the dragon.  People who like adventures will love to read this book. My favourite part is when Al slayed dragons.

This book is also available on eReads at www.nlb.gov.sg.

Book Review by: Ming-En, St Stephens’ School

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