Welcome to Rooktober Fest!

Monsters United is excited about Halloween, and has prepared an Escape Room game, videos, jokes and fun facts for you! We will also be having two Rooktober giveaways – follow our Facebook page, Public Libraries Singapore, for more information on how to participate.

  • Giveaway #1: 24 October – 28 October
  • Giveaway #2: 7 November – 11 November

Click on the images below to start your fang-tastic journey. Have a spook-tacular time!

Fun and Games | Escape Room | DIY Halloween Wings | Halloween Jokes | “Halloween” Fun Facts

Stories and Tales | The Story of King Midas | Gods & Mythologies | Mythical Creatures | Spooky eReads

The Great Library Escape (Escape Room Game)
Use your wits and help the monsters escape a mysterious library!
(Click on the image to begin)

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The Story of King Midas
Teen Reading Ambassadors Zoe and Ziv tell the tale of King Midas in this dramatised storytelling.
(Click on the image to watch the storytelling video)

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DIY Halloween Wings with Rooky!
Create your very own wings with Rooky in this DIY craft video.

You will need:

  • A large piece of fabric
  • Measuring tape
  • Glue
  • A pair of scissors (be sure to use this with adult supervision!)
  • A marker or chalk
  • Some clips
  • A piece of paper and pen/pencil
  • Any other crafts materials for decorations

Click on the links below to borrow Rooky’s eBook picks:

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Gods & Mythologies From Around the World
Find out about interesting myths and stories from around the world.
(Click on the image to begin)

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Mythical Creatures From Around the World
Come delve into the wonderful, weird, and sometimes wacky world of monsters.
(Click on the image to begin)

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Halloween Jokes to Share!
Tickle your funny bone and keep your spirits high with these Halloween-themed jokes.
(Click on the image to begin)

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Fun Facts About “Halloween” From Around the World
Find out more about how “Halloween” is experienced by different cultures around the world.
(Click on the image to begin)

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Rooky’s Spooky eBOOklist
We’re creepin’ it real with these spine-tingling, hair-raising eReads.
(Click on the image to begin)

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(Last updated on 15 October 2020)

What is Monsters United?

Monsters United is a quartet of loveable monsters that aims to ignite the joy of reading and learning in children aged 7 to 9. Comprising adventurous Hutsy, fantastical Camy, techy Zecky and spooky Rooky, Monsters United expands children’s reading appetites by introducing them to different genres, and engages children and their communities with library programmes and experiences.

Monsters United Adventure Booklets

Download your very own Adventure Booklets by clicking on the images below! Each one contains fun activities and book recommendations.

Zecky’s Space Adventure
Rooky’s Horrific Adventure
Camy’s Fantastical Adventure
Hutsy’s Greatest Adventure