Doodlydoo’s Craft Zone – 12 noon to 4pm

Get creative at these booths to redeem a pack of Shiny Cards.

  1. Swallos’ new wings – Create a new pair of wings for Swallos
  2. Lumigloo’s lantern – Design your own lantern with Lumigloo
  3. Drakon’s adventure – Write a short story about our very brave Drakon

Terms and conditions:

  • 1 completed activity = 1 pack of Shiny Cards
  • Each pack contains a pair of Shiny Cards packed randomly
  • Limited designs available
  • Once redeemed, the pack is not exchangeable

Book Bugs Challenge Zone – 2pm to 4pm

Bring along your own deck of 30 cards and challenge other players at the Challenge Zone to redeem a limited edition Book Bugs collar badge.

The Challenge Zone is limited to the first 50 players.

Terms and conditions:

  • Open to participants who are 7 years old and above.
  • Queue opens at 1.30pm (Reservations strictly not allowed)
  • Each person in queue will receive one number tag.
  • Players must bring their own deck of Book Bugs cards.
  • Non-participants are not allowed to enter the Challenge Zone.

Important notice to all players

#1 Only one duplicate of each card is allowed in a playing deck to ensure fair play

#2 Earthwreck’s effect does affect Roarex

#3 Damselfie can only be played once each turn