Book Bugs II Carnival

6 September, 11 September and 15 September 2019

Join our lovable Bugs for a fun-filled celebration this September school holidays. Participate in the bug-themed booths and collect exclusive tokens when you borrow 8 items.

Note: Book Bugs II cards will not be given out at the event.

14/3/2018: All Good Things Must Come to an End ;(


You will not be able to earn points if you borrow after 29 March 2019 until the new special edition arrives.

Important Note!
If you have points left after 31 March 2019, you can still use them for the special edition, so stay tuned!

Any unused QR codes and 8-digit PINs will be removed from your account after 31 March 2019.


14/3/2019: Important Notice!
Dear Book Bugs fans,
We are temporarily out of cards at the following libraries.  Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
*Please note that the availabilities are not updated in realtime. 

Library Branch Status
Ang Mo Kio Public Library Available
Bedok Public Library Available
Bishan Public Library Available
Bukit Batok Public Library Available
library@harbourfront Available
Bukit Panjang Public Library Available
Cheng San Public Library Available
Choa Chu Kang Public Library Available
Clementi Public Library Available
Geylang East Public Library Available
Jurong Regional Library Available
Jurong West Public Library Available
Marine Parade Public Library Available
National Library Available
Pasir Ris Public Library Available
Queenstown Public Library Available
Sembawang Public Library Available
Seng Kang Public Library Available
Serangoon Public Library Available
Tampines Regional Library Available
Toa Payoh Public Library Available
Woodlands Regional Library Available
Yishun Public Library Available


27/12/2018: Meet Gaheris the Valiant!

The new Book Bugs II Booster cards have arrived! Meet Gaheris the Valiant, a chivalrous knight of the Round Table, handpicked by King Anthur himself! For more details on Gaheris and the other new Booster bugs, click here.


Book Bugs Booster cards can be redeemed via the card dispensers on 27 December.


30/11/2018: Goodbye Bukit Merah Public Library!
Bukit Merah Public Library has closed so Book Bugs redemption will no longer be available at that branch. However, don’t be alarmed, the Book Bugs of Bukit Merah Public Library are safe and happy. In fact, they are extremely excited for the move to VivoCity shopping mall. The new library, named library@harbourfront, will open on Saturday, 12 January 2019. See you there!


28/11/2018: Give your Book Bugs a home. Beautify their Book of Residence!
Print and craft your own Bugtopia Box and keep all your Book Bugs cards inside. Click here and start crafting!


13/11/2018: Thank you for visiting!
The Book Bugs Playoffs is over. We hope you had a bugtastic time!

Registration Opens: 11am
Last Entry: 5.30pm

Competitive Play Clarifications made by Gamemasters on Day 1
1) In your deck of 20 cards, you can have one of each Guardian and Skorpius. This means you can have a Nostro, a Shenlong, a Skorpius s but you cannot have 2 Nostros.
2) When Nym9 or Yeticus is played on the field, it cannot be discarded, not by any of the Discard or Return to Hand effects. For “Discard the last two cards on an opponent’s field”, you also cannot jump over a Nym9/Yeticus and discard the 1st and 3rd cards.
3) But if Nym9 or Yeticus are both in your Draw pile or Hand and have not been played onto the playing field, then it can be discarded.
4) If “Look at an opponent’s hand” card effect is played, only the player who played it gets to look at the cards.
5) If “You can play an additional card on this turn” card effect is played, the additional card’s effect does not count and it only contributes towards game points.
6) Players can opt not to use their card effect.
7) If “All players to draw an additioal card” is played, this applies to the person that played the card as well.
8) If “Discard the top 2 cards from all player’s Draw piles” is played, this DOES NOT apply to the person who played the card.
9) If Nullify is played, and the second player plays another Nullify card, nothing happens because the second Nullify card is nullified. Third player continues as per usual.
10) If Nullify is played, and the second player plays Nym9 or Yeticus, they will continue have their card effect and cannot be discarded.
11) Sudden Death only applies to tied players.
12) The game ends when ONE player’s Draw pile is empty and that player has played their final card. If they end because of an card effect like “Discard any number of cards in your hand. Draw the same number of new cards from the Draw pile”, then the game ends and the player cannot play another card.


9/11/2018: The long awaited Last Act is finally here! 
Defeating Skorpius is no easy feat. He has grown powerful over the years! Will the Guardians be successful? Read the Comic to find out more!

Also, remember to join us for the Book Bugs Playoffs tomorrow! 


23/9/2018: Bug Fact!
Did you know Renly (Bug No. 2/80) and Rogue (Bug No. 58/80) are siblings? Renly went missing 2 years ago on a dark, stormy night and Rogue is determined to leave her Book of Residence to find her long-lost brother. Find out more about the wonderful world of Book Bugs on the Glossary page!


16/9/2018: Are you ready to PLAY?
The Book Bugs II Playoffs is an event where Book Bugs II fans will be able to enjoy fringe activities, card trading, swap passes as well as participate in a friendly game of Book Bugs II with other casual players. Join us for a weekend of fun, fun, fun! Registration is required for competitive play and will open on 1st October on our goLibrary portal.

Visit our Playoffs page more information!


7/9/2018: The Call to Arms
The Guardians discuss their next move…and it might destroy Skorpius forever?! Read the Comic to find out more!


21/8/2018: Bug Fact!
Did you know that every Book Bug is bonded to the book that they have originated from? It is also commonly known as the Book of Residence. Book Bugs are tied to their Book of Residence and may only roam the surrounding area. Find out more about the wonderful world of Book Bugs on the Glossary page!


14/8/2018: The Bugtime Story
Shenlong investigates the brainwashed Book Bugs…Read the Comic to find out more!


7/7/2018: Follow @publiclibrarysg on Instagram and Public Libraries Singapore on FaceBook for interesting character highlights every month.


8/6/2018: It’s official! You can now redeem cards at the Public Libraries!
Because we are still in the early phase of redemption, please bear with us if there are any technical difficulties or operational issues. There are some kinks that still need to be ironed out, but we are most definitely working on it! Book Bugs cards will be available from now till the end of 2018.

Also, remember to get your Bug-opedia at the Public Libraries! There is also a softcopy available for download here.
*While stocks last
*The Bug-opedia is a booklet with reading recommendations and a full bug list sticker activity


30/5/2018: The Rise of the Guardians
The Guardians have awoken, but is it too late to save Bugtopia now? Read the Comic to find out more!


29/5/2018: Find out How to Redeem!
Bug Points are credited from 26 May onwards and it will take 24 hours for the points to be created after borrowing. Card Redemption will be available at the libraries on 8 June!


28/5/2018: Book Bugs II, The Game!
We hope you enjoyed the Bugsters’ Bash! Many of our attendees loved the game mat so much they asked if they could download it online, well, your wish is my command! Here it is! You can also find it on our How to Play page 🙂


23/5/2018: Bug list updated!
You know you’ve been waiting for this! THE FULL BUG LIST! 80 brand new Book Bugs in all its glory! Check out here!


23/5/2018: Only 3 days till the Bugsters’ Bash!
Here are the bugster-rific programmes and activities:

For the complete Event Guide, click here.


28/4/2018: Yay for new posters!
Print these lovely bug-themed posters for your bedroom! Which genre poster is your favourite?


27/4/2018: An unexpected guest arrives.
Every year, Book Bugs from all over the country gather for a glitzy Bugsters’ Bash. As the Book Bugs dance, sing and let their feelers down, an expected guest arrives…Read the Comic to find out more!


7/4/2018: Trouble is brewing. 
Ever wondered where the Book Bugs came from or what happened to them? Read the Story to find out!


6/4/2018: The wait is almost over!
Book Bugs II will be back in June! With 80 brand new character cards to collect, an original online comic and an exciting playoff event for competitive players, you had better get buzzing!
Book your calendars for the launch event, Bugsters’ Bash on 26 & 27 May !